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Update 1.4.1 App Store Release

Discussion in 'Mobile ( iOS / Android )' started by Char, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Char

    Char Free Rider HD Developer Staff Member Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    Hey everyone! We've done another update.

    New in this release:
    - Added track history! You can now re-play and share your previously played tracks. Note, you will not earn XP on those that you have completed.
    - Improved purchasing
    - Fixed misc bugs
    - Minor performance improvements

    - online account connecting to save stats across devices
    - online accounts will be able to like / save tracks for later play
    - bigger performance improvements
    - and more!
  2. FishBoks

    FishBoks Well-Known Member Official Author

    Can you give a date for the android release?
  3. Volund

    Volund FRHD News Team Official Author

    6 months from January 1 2019 :thumbsup:
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  4. Char

    Char Free Rider HD Developer Staff Member Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    Aiming for start of may
  5. XYZmystery

    XYZmystery Well-Known Member Official Author

    Are you guys planning on bringing any of the campaigns to the app?
  6. zNFayde

    zNFayde Active Member

    Is there a level cap? I'm level 125+ and just intrigued about it if there is one
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
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  7. Digin

    Digin Well-Known Member Official Author

    The Android version is working fine. I love it because I can play anywhere. Very good job.
  8. Parasite

    Parasite Well-Known Member Official Author

    Your slot machine is s***. Fix it
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  9. zNFayde

    zNFayde Active Member

    luckily I don't need to use it anymore
  10. zNFayde

    zNFayde Active Member

    I got everything and 3500+ coins
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  11. AmityIllusions

    AmityIllusions Active Member

    Thank the Lord! This will be my favorite app once it comes out!
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  12. CalCal28

    CalCal28 Well-Known Member

    Slot machine sucks and has a few bugs to work out could you fix em for me
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  13. Parasite

    Parasite Well-Known Member Official Author

    Even with the recent update of 300% increase in chances, the end result is till similar. If I have 8000 coins and 300% chance increase, you'd think I'd get something otherwise than 15 coins just once. Seriously a big issue.

    On another note, so many people don't understand that the community is the the one that draws the tracks which is generating a lot of 1 star reviews for you guys. A track creator would really fix that issue and it doesn't seem too hard
  14. Char

    Char Free Rider HD Developer Staff Member Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    We are going to make another minigame change soon, this will level out the odds chance for later heads. There is a chance curve in effect right now that we are discovering is a bit too difficult later on in the game.

    As for the track creator. We are planning on releasing a mobile track creator in the future, although not necessarily difficult , requires more resources and attention. We are adding more developers to the project soon.
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  15. mrmralec

    mrmralec New Member

    Is there anyway that I can log in online with the same profile I’ve been playing with on the IOS app? I’m level 301 and not keen to restart.

    Love the game.
  16. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    i have 30 avatars!!!!!!!!!!
  17. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    Hey do you have any idea of release date interbationally?
  18. AIice

    AIice Well-Known Member

  19. FluffyTech

    FluffyTech Active Member Official Author

    Perfectly synced with your profile picture.
  20. AIice

    AIice Well-Known Member

    hehe yeah

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