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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Nov 13, 2023

    GBC4 Winner

    Winner of the 4th annual ghosting battle contest

  2. Awarded: Dec 9, 2022


    Winner of the 6th edition of The Free Rider World Cup.

  3. Awarded: Dec 21, 2021

    End Of Season Tournament - 3rd Place

    The third place of the End Of Season Tournament for the 2021's season of the ORG.

  4. Awarded: Dec 7, 2021


    The winner of the ORG regular season in 2021.

  5. Awarded: Sep 4, 2021

    GBC3 Duos Edition Champion

    First place in the 3rd edition of the Ghosting Battle Contest.

  6. Awarded: Jun 9, 2021

    Legendary Ghoster

    This person has 20+ official featured ghosts, a legend in the ghosting community!

  7. Awarded: Feb 23, 2021

    FR WORLD CUP 5 - 3RD

    3rd place in the Free Rider World Cup 5th edition.