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Typing issues

Discussion in 'Is something broken? Let us know!' started by N1TRO, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. N1TRO

    N1TRO Member Official Author

    for some unknown reason every time I type the letter ‘n’ on a comment or as a track title FRHD crashes so I have to try and work my way around it to never hit the letter ’n’. It gets quite annoying after a few months :mad: plz help
  2. Eryp

    Eryp Well-Known Member Official Author

    'n' is keybinded to take you to a random track when you hit it when the game is paused. you need to click the comment box again once you start typing to avoid the n problem
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  3. N1TRO

    N1TRO Member Official Author

    Ohoh thanks ur life saving

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