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Track Thief Needs to be Stopped!!

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by 1MPER1AL_116, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. 1MPER1AL_116

    1MPER1AL_116 Well-Known Member Official Author

    There's someone by the name of "TrackTheif" (<- that's right, he spelled thief wrong) who's stealing tracks. He stole one of my best wheelies. Here's the links to my original, and his exact copy...

    Mine: https://www.freeriderhd.com/t/519875-my-best-wheelie
    "His:" https://www.freeriderhd.com/t/519878-theft-3

    I'm letting Char and Eric know about this. He's only posted 4 tracks so far, but still. It needs to stop before it gets out of hand. People like me are actually working hard on their tracks, then someone like this guy takes it away. LabibZaydandy Zgolex and Gman227 are the other victims so far. Please ban him. That'd be great. Thanks.

    (Didn't know where to post this thread, sorry if it's in the wrong place)
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  2. beemoboy

    beemoboy Member

    luckily none of my tracks have been stolen, but still. The day is coming where i need to set up my castle wall...
  3. 1MPER1AL_116

    1MPER1AL_116 Well-Known Member Official Author

    castle wall? i'm sorry, i don't understand... :/
  4. beemoboy

    beemoboy Member

    Basically, I'll need to look out more. 0_0

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