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REMIX CONTEST 6 - Legacy Thread

Discussion in 'Community challenges and contests!' started by Ishu, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Ishu

    Ishu Well-Known Member Official Author

    the reason you dont do very well is because you release your entry in the first few days. I would suggest taking more time to complete your entry. Notice how the top entries are usually not finished super quick
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  2. TallTexan

    TallTexan Well-Known Member Official Author

    Most of the reason i didn't try as hard was because i am just really busy right now and i did not want to spend all my time on a track when i knew that I was not going to win
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  3. Volund

    Volund FRHD News Team Official Author

    then dont complain about your placing then :thumbsup:
  4. Examples

    Examples Well-Known Member Official Author

    What are you talking about. Hes the best author on the platform :thumbsup:
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  5. E12

    E12 Well-Known Member Official Author

  6. Enacted

    Enacted Well-Known Member Official Author

    I just remembered that this is an overall competition, too. The person with the most points after the final round is the winner. That being said, I thought it would be nice to post the rankings as they stand. This includes everyone who has entered one or both of the judged rounds so far:
    #1 AbdRahman96 15.8 pts
    #2 Elibloodthirst 15.5 pts
    #3 mudkip 14.1 pts
    #4 RedOrBlue 11.1 pts
    #5 Phase 10.7 pts
    #6 TallTexan 9.8 pts
    #7 QuinnFederle 9.7 pts
    #8. RunDown 9.5 pts
    #9 MayhemMercenary 8.6 pts
    #10 JerryAxi 8 pts
    #11 WheelieMaker 6.7 pts
    #12 Wisteria 6.4 pts
    #13 pssst and THEend 6.1 pts (tied)
    #14 E12 4.4 pts
    #15 Next1 3.7 pts
    #16 awesomeman82 2.9 pts
    #17 Enacted 2.5 pts
    #18 KORREKT 2.4 pts
    #19 ForToday616 2.3 pts
    #20 Hundred 0.8 pts
    Well, top three... you guys have a big lead, and I'd say it's just whoever of you makes the best track this round will probably win! Good Luck! (probably got math wrong somewhere, I'm just in 6th grade.)
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  7. RedOrBlue

    RedOrBlue Well-Known Member Official Author

    Oof, this is gonna be a tight last round
  8. Superboody

    Superboody Well-Known Member Official Author

    Whoa first!!
  9. Examples

    Examples Well-Known Member Official Author

    Tall Texan ahead of Mayhem? oof
  10. gr611

    gr611 Well-Known Member

    round 2 ended lol

    rip my entry ill maybe postit for fun kind of cool i guess lol
  11. gr611

    gr611 Well-Known Member

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    IINDIIEGO Well-Known Member

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  13. Ben_Ghazi

    Ben_Ghazi Active Member Official Author

    wait is this the last round? i though there was going to be like 7
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  14. Ishu

    Ishu Well-Known Member Official Author

    read the original post
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  15. QuinnFederle

    QuinnFederle Well-Known Member Official Author

  16. badmuchachob

    badmuchachob Member Official Author

  17. gr611

    gr611 Well-Known Member

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  18. RunDown

    RunDown Member Official Author

  19. TallTexan

    TallTexan Well-Known Member Official Author

    Ishu now i have time to try a little harder so if I make a better one then can that be my entry??
  20. RunDown

    RunDown Member Official Author


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