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Discussion in 'Community challenges and contests!' started by InTheSavce, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Welcome to the 5th Remix Contest ! This contest has seen generations of players from all over the world from Canvas Rider to Free Rider. Last year, at the same date, the 4th Remix Contest started. It was blast and the community saw a lot of featured tracks from the best trackmakers in the game. There are a lot of new players since last year and I see lots of new talent. This contest with it’s 3 round format is super competitive and Im sure that it will be really fun for everybody. I hope that you're all ready because it's going to be wicked! The contest will begin midnight of Xmas: December 26th 12:00AM (EST).

    Rules and Guidelines:

    - All the tracks in this contest are derived and/or built from tracks made in the past using codes made from the track, thus remix. I'll give you 3 codes to make your remixed track, 1. Original: Nothing is changed, 2. Bones- All the unnecessary details are erased, 3. Track-Only- Only playable track is kept. You'll make your remix from the code that you chose.

    -You're allowed to alter the track and detail within in any way you like to make the track your own.

    -The contest has 3 rounds. All will likely be 2 weeks.

    -Judges are: Me, Max007x, Elibloodthirst, and Wave.

    1st (open)
    A coin prize of 60.000 + a shirt with pic of a part of your entry on it

    2nd (open)
    A coin prize of 35.000 + a bag with a part of your entry on it

    3rd (open)
    A coin prize of 15.000 + a badge with a part of your entry on it

    4-10th (open)
    A coin prize of 9.000

    Wow never realised that the prizes was so cool ! 1st place is four times the prize of the Official Contest plus a shirt with a part of one of your entry, I don't know if we ever seen so much big prizes, you guys are really lucky.


    Just say "in" or the like to join

    Max007x: Extra challenges

    Hey everyone, this year I am one of the judges and I wanted to try and fix some of the problems that the previous remix contests had. They’ve always been a lot of fun but most of the excitement happened during the first round of each contest, because people who are low on the leaderboards get less interested to continue with the contest. That’s why this time I’m doing a special challenge each round. The person who wins the challenge gets extra points that round. For example, a challenge might be to add an upside down segment, and the person who does the best job at that gets extra points.

    This would mean that we as judges could make a top 4 like:

    player 1: 10.0

    player 2 : 9.8

    player 3 : 9.4

    player 4 : 8.7

    Then on top of that would be added the points for the person who won the challenge. For example, player 6 had the best upside down section so he wins that challenge and then the leaderboard would be like this:

    player 1 : 10.0

    player 2 : 9.8

    player 3 : 9.4

    player 4 : 9.7



    This round was so exciting ! Y'all posted pure gold, this was awesome ! And because you guys never stop, you uploaded again four other featured tracks. s/o to MayhemMercenary, pinn, zwinxz, and spruce, you really deserve it guys ! The results for the Round 2 will come soon, we're doing faster as we can (and for this damned practice round, the results will come at this same time as Rotate IV lol). The track for the Round 3 is Caesium by cky199 wich is one of my favorite track of all time. I fixed the ride because it was just made by straight lines and now it looks a bit more remixeable. So here we go, I let you manhandle the track in the way you want ! Isn't it pretty cool ? The round ends March 20th at 12:00 PM (EST). The track is now yours:





    Track Only:



    Max's challenge will come soon, don't worry. (lol max you suck you dont even wrote something for this)

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  4. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    nice tee shirts

    also in, idk if ill do all the rounds but i'll find time for at least one of them
  5. Polygon

    Polygon Well-Known Member Official Author

    in. It's worth a shot :)
  6. Empire

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  7. Flying_T_Rex

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  8. StealthNation

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  9. Eryp

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  11. Max007x

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    Get hyped guys, it's gonna be good :cool:
  12. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    In. And i'm not unactive trash like I was last year, so If I don't procrastinate and actually try I should have a chance XD

    ST3AMPUNK Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'll consider it, I really don't think I have the time.
  14. Volund

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  15. zwinxz

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  16. zwinxz

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    No worries! I won't take the contest that seriously.
  17. StealthNation

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    So I already know I'm a noob, so don't call me one for asking these questions.
    Do we post the link of the practice round here?
    The rules confused me. Are we allowed to change bits of the original track?
    Example of question 2
    Can I change this bit:
    Into a rock?
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  18. StealthNation

    StealthNation Well-Known Member Official Author

    Thank god
  19. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    Well first off stop thinking rock and start thinking death star buddhist colony

    you're not gonna go far if you just turn everything into rocks
  20. StealthNation

    StealthNation Well-Known Member Official Author

    It might not actually be a rock. I am just trying to figure out if I am allowed to change pieces of the track

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