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Questions about FRHD

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Racer_X, Nov 10, 2017.


Is Sidewalk the greatest?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. He's good, but others are better

  1. kv99gun

    kv99gun Well-Known Member

    Please remember ready a tool to kill any person
    until you find out any person must be undeads
  2. FoxGamingTM

    FoxGamingTM Active Member Official Author

    1) What happened to that ghoster a few months ago named Alice.
    AIice (it's an I) is spruce).

    2) What happened to Sidewalk.
    Sidewalk still plays as far as I'm concerned, just not near as often..

    3) What happened to itZChuckNorris.
    I don't know, I think he either quit long ago or he's working on a huge track

    4) Why all classic track authors are official authors now and what they did to earn that.
    They got lots of subs and likes so Char made them Official Authors.

    5) What is NFRL.
    I have no clue, possible NFL spelled wrong. I've heard from before National Free Rider League.

    6) Who is Pro_Rider_Legend and what happened to him.
    He's a track author that got banned for doing something. I don't know if he's unbanned yet or not.

    7) Who are the Moderators and staff members and what do they all do.
    Char, Stig, some others that I'm too lazy to name.

    8) Who are the most "Legendary" Riders that I need to know about (And what each of them did that was special)
    NotVeryGood, he's also known as Campaigned and has at least 15 campaign records, 25 at least if you count on all of his accounts combined.
    Seasnails is very skillful.
    tetrationiscool everyone probably knows about since he's leading in points.
    FoxGamingTM has 5 (fair) campaign records and should be recognized -- lol, see what I did there?
    Ninjasparkour is a very good ghoster.

    9) How Strat's Intro has over 10M plays and why does he have a secured place on the author leaderboard.
    It's the first campaign track that everyone has to do. Strat created it and so he was one of the first to complete it with that time. I had major lag issues so that's why I have a placement.

    10) Any other big events that happened.
    I can't think of many. The only ones I can think of are the 2017 Winter Contest and also some alts no one knows about.

    11) What is up with those open campaign contests that nobody's winning?
    I think they were forgotten about.
  3. Smuckers

    Smuckers Well-Known Member

    My question is what happened to acid bubble? And also to help you guys know who left the game look at the tracks they recently played, if they played all the original freerider tracks from 4 years ago then they left.

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