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Discussion in 'Races' started by mR..A, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Well-Known Member Official Author

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  2. Rhodium

    Rhodium Well-Known Member Official Author

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  3. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

  4. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

  5. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

    You probably do not know me. But I just found out the forum. You've probably seen some of my ghosts. These are the ones I really like, I hope the mR..A put them in the spotlight!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
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  6. Krypton

    Krypton Well-Known Member

    Asgardian Eu não falo muito portugese muito bem, mas ohomem dum raio aqueles é alguns fantasmasloucos. Mantenha-o acima. :)
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  7. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

    Kkkkkk basta usar o google translater!
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  8. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

    I have several other ghosts, but they are in less than 15 seconds
  9. Illicit

    Illicit Active Member Official Author

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  10. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'm at least 100% sure he knows who lolz666 is
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  11. Illicit

    Illicit Active Member Official Author

    Fair enough... I just want to make sure he gets credit for his tracks.
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  12. Zycerak

    Zycerak Well-Known Member Official Author

    Ethan B. may have some competition for best mobile player, those are excellent mobile ghosts
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  13. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

    Yeah! I have given him a job, and for many, many professional players!
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  14. Whisk

    Whisk Well-Known Member Official Author

  15. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Well-Known Member Official Author

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  16. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Well-Known Member Official Author

  17. Asgardian

    Asgardian Active Member

    Valeu Men,Sai não vei, só tem eu e vc. Aí eu vou ficar sozinho;-;Mas Valeu Cara, É bom ouvir elogios do mito Br!
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  18. mR..A

    mR..A Well-Known Member Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator


    mudkip & Unghosted gained 1 or 2
    Sidewalk & Backtwice lost 1 or 2
    Totoca12 i switched your alzakhion ghosts onto your section
    Asgardian nice ghosts considering you play mobile, those ones aren't quite feature-worthy but keep it up. ideally a longer ghost and cool to watch, smooth tracks or sub 20 second ghosts don't usually cut it
    RedOrBlue i'll watch yours again later, i think 1 is a maybe
  19. LCD438

    LCD438 Well-Known Member Official Author

    How are you so good on mobile?
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  20. spruce

    spruce Well-Known Member Official Author

    pretty sure he just attaches a keyboard to his mobile device and spacebars
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