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Mountain Rush Track CHugley

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Xx_DragonKid_xX, Nov 4, 2017.



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  1. CHugley, here is the track code:

    -29 1i -24 1k -1u 1k -1k 1l -1g 1m -1c 1n -18 1n -12 1o -u 1o -o 1p -k 1p -e 1p -a 1p -2 1p 3 1o 9 1o g 1n m 1n s 1m 12 1l 19 1i 1h 1g 1l 1g 1r 1e 1v 1e 2a 1c 2h 1b 2n 1b 2t 1a 32 1a,32 1b 3c 18 41 14 4c 12 4m u 50 s 5a o 5m j 60 c 6b 4 6k -3 6r -b 78 -g 7h -k 7u -n 8b -r 8n -10 94 -11 9e -12 9m -12 a1 -15 ad -1a am -1e b0 -1i be -1n bo -1p c3 -1s cg -1v cq -22 d5 -26 df -29 dr -2d e9 -2e ej -2h f9 -2g fl -2e g0 -2c gf -2a gt -28 hn -22 i4 -1t,cc -2p cf -2r cl -2u cs -31 d4 -33 dd -35 dm -36 e0 -37 ea -37 es -37 fl -34 gi -30 hh -2q i2 -2m,i4 -1r il -19 j8 -l jl -7 ka b l0 r mc 1k nb 2g oe 3b pa 3p pu 43 qh 4c qt 4j r7 4t rh 55 rs 5f s7 5o sj 61 t1 6b td 6k tn 6u u1 77 ub 7h un 7q v2 83 ve 8d vr 8m 10a 90 10p 98 113 9d 11h 9m 11t 9v 12c a8 12r af 13a an 13t au 14d b4 14p b3 159 aq 15n an 169 ah 16j ag 170 ag 17a ae 17t ag 188 ai 18p ao,18l an 192 at 19j b4 1a3 b7 1ae bb 1ap bd 1b5 bd 1bb b3 1be ak 1be a7 1be 9s 1bc 9f 1bc 93 17v ai,1bc 93 1bi 8q 1bt 8p 1c7 8n 1cj 8m 1cu 8m 1da 8n 1dc 8m,17m ag 1bc 8v,18u a6 18u au,195 a1 195 as,1a2 9k 1b3 bb,1aa 9i 1b6 b9,1da 8o 1dr 8q 1eg 8u 1es 90 1fd 90 1fp 90 1g9 8v 1gk 8u 1gu 8t 1hb 8r 1hl 8q 1i0 8p 1ij 8l 1j2 8j 1jd 8h 1jq 8f 1k7 8d 1ki 8b 1ku 8a 1la 8a 1lu 87 1mh 86 1n7 87 1nv 87 1oj 87 1pi 8a 1qb 89 1qi 89 1qs 83 1r3 7s 1re 7n 1rq 7n 1s4 7r 1se 7v 1so 83 1ss 85,1sr 84 1t6 85 1ti 86 1tu 85 1uc 85 1um 85 1v5 82 1vf 80 1vp 7s 207 7o 20h 7m 20v 7l 21b 7j 21p 7f 22a 78 22q 72 234 6t,233 6t 23r 6l 24m 6b 24v 67 258 5v 25l 5m 25u 5h 269 5b 26q 50 27d 4m 27t 4a 28f 42 29k 3k 2ao 35 2bt 2n 2cm 2f 2dp 25 2eo 1v 2fe 1t 2fr 1q 2h0 1l 2i4 1p 2ik 1r 2im 1r,2im 1s 2j1 1j 2jk 17 2k9 u 2ko n 2ll 9 2lu 3 2m8 -3 2mq -b 2nc -k 2nn -r 2om -1b 2p3 -1l 2pk -1s 2q5 -24,-27 1j -2q 1j -4j 1i -5c 1h -6m 1e -7a 1b -8b 16 -8s 11 -9i t -9t q -aa m -al k -b6 f -bg b -bt 7 -ce 1 -d3 -5 -dm -d -ed -k -f3 -r -fg -v -fq -11 -fs -12,-fq -15 -gt -16 -hj -19 -ic -1b -jd -1d -jv -1g -l8 -1j -n5 -1n -nk -1n -o6 -1p -ot -1n -pn -1p -qr -1p -rk -1p -sr -1p -td -1q -u9 -1v -uk -23 -vi -2a -10g -2l -113 -2s -11g -31 -11s -36 -12s -3i -136 -3n -149 -49,-1c6 -5h -1cd -5f -1co -5e -1dd -5d -1e1 -5d -1ej -5e -1f3 -5h -1fi -5l -1fv -5r -1g8 -60 -1gd -64 -1gi -68 -1gm -6d -1gq -6i -1gu -6o -1h1 -6t -1h6 -76 -1ha -7j -1hd -82 -1he -8i -1he -94 -1hd -9d -1hb -9i -1h8 -9t -1h4 -a6 -1gv -ae -1gq -am -1gk -at -1gd -b3 -1g6 -b8 -1fv -bd -1fm -bg -1fe -bj -1f4 -bl -1eq -bm -1eg -bm -1e5 -bl -1dp -bk -1dj -bj -1dc -bi -1d0 -bf -1cl -bc -1cb -b7 -1c2 -b2 -1br -at -1bk -am -1bf -af -1bd -ab,-1gm -6d -1gq -6i -1gu -6n -1h1 -6s -1h4 -72 -1h7 -7c -1ha -7q -1hc -89 -1hb -8p -1ha -9b -1h8 -9l -1h7 -9q -1h3 -a4 -1gv -ad -1gq -al -1gl -as -1gf -b3 -1g9 -b8 -1g1 -bd -1fp -bh -1fh -bk -1f8 -bm -1eu -bn -1ek -bn -1e8 -bn -1dt -bm -1dg -bj -1da -bi -1d4 -bh -1cq -be -1cg -ba -1c8 -b6 -1c0 -b2 -1bq -as -1bk -am -1bg -ag -1be -ac,-146 -49 -14g -4b -14u -4d -15a -4f -15o -4h -162 -4j -16k -4l -176 -4l -17i -4l -180 -4l -18c -4j -18s -4f -198 -4d -19i -4b -1a0 -47 -1aa -45 -1ak -45 -1b0 -43 -1be -41 -1bq -3v -1ce -3t -1co -3r -1d2 -3r -1de -3r -1do -3r -1ea -3t -1ek -3t -1eq -3v -1g6 -41 -1gu -41 -1i0 -43 -1ig -43 -1is -47 -1jk -47 -1k2 -49 -1ke -49 -1ko -49 -1la -49 -1lo -4b -1m4 -4b -1ms -4d -1na -4f -1og -4h -1pc -4h -1po -4f -1q2 -4d -1qq -4d -1rm -4d -1s4 -4d -1sk -49 -1ti -47 -1tu -47 -1uu -41 -1vm -3v -204 -3t -20e -3t -20u -3r -21g -3p -220 -3l -23c -3j -23q -3h -25a -3f -25s -3d -266 -3b -276 -37 -28m -33 -290 -33 -2ag -2t -2b2 -2r -2bc -2p -2c4 -2j -2ce -2h -2cq -2f -2d4 -2d -2dm -2b -2e4 -27 -2es -27 -2fm -25 -2fu -25,-2fq -25 -2h0 -2f -2n6 -3l -2s8 -45 -2vm -4b -32o -4b -34q -4f -36m -4j -37u -4h -38c -4f -39e -4h -39s -4f -3a6 -4h,-1h6 -9r -1mc -4f,-1ha -9d -1m4 -4b,-1cg -5d -1ce -47 -1cg -3t,-1ce -47 -1ga -4d -1ga -41,-1co -3p -1e2 -3t,-1cs -59 -1cs -4d,-1g2 -5v -1g4 -4l,-1fq -5t -1fo -4j,-1g6 -5b -1j6 -81,-1g8 -53 -1j6 -7f,-1bq -5h -18q -4r -192 -4f -1bq -5b -1bo -5h,-1bi -5b -1bi -3v,-1ba -57 -1ba -45,-1a6 -4t -1a6 -49,-19o -4j -19q -4b,-1c7 -5l -1ci -5j -1d7 -5h -1dr -5f -1ec -5g -1et -5i -1fc -5l -1fp -5p -1g2 -5u -1g8 -61 -1gd -65 -1gi -69 -1gm -6d,-1f9 -6e -1fc -6g -1fj -6k -1fp -6o -1fu -6t -1g3 -72 -1g7 -78 -1gb -7e -1ge -7k -1gg -7r,-1g9 -a5 -1g3 -aa -1ft -af -1fm -aj -1fg -am -1f9 -ap -1f2 -ar -1er -at -1ek -au -1ec -au -1e4 -at -1ds -as -1dk -ar -1dc -ap -1d3 -am -1cv -ak,-1g4 -a7 -1g7 -a4 -1gc -9t -1gf -9m -1gh -9c -1gi -92 -1gi -8n -1gh -8a -1ge -7s -1gc -7l,-18o -4u -188 -4k,-1c8 -5o -1c8 -5i,2q2 -27 2ra -2t 2s6 -37 2t0 -3h 2ue -41 2vq -4f 31i -5b 334 -5v 34g -6h 350 -6n 35m -73 36k -7l 37a -85 37u -8h 396 -93 39m -9b 3ae -9p 3be -ad 3ca -ar 3d2 -b1 3dm -b5 3e0 -b7 3eg -b7 3fm -b5 3g0 -b3 3ga -b3 3gu -b3 3ha -av 3ho -av,3hk -at 3i0 -b5 3j0 -bn 3l2 -d1 3lm -dd 3mo -dv 3nu -el 3po -fr 3qa -g9 3r0 -gt 3s4 -hp 3t8 -ip 3ts -jd 3v4 -kj 40q -mf 41s -nr 42i -on 43e -pj 43u -q3 44g -qh 452 -qt 460 -rh 46k -rp 470 -rt,46s -s0 488 -rs 492 -rq 4a0 -rq 4b4 -rs 4c0 -rs 4de -ru 4eo -ru 4gq -rs 4iq -ru 4lu -s4 4n0 -s6 4oo -s2 4p8 -s2 4pm -s2 4qe -s0 4rs -rs 4tk -rk 4ui -rc 4v4 -ra 4vo -r8 4vq -r8,4vu -r6 50e -rg 50o -rm 514 -rq 51k -ru 52h -rv 53c -s3 545 -s4 551 -s8 55s -sc 56k -se 57c -sg 586 -si 58s -si 59g -sk 5a3 -sk 5aj -sk 5b3 -sk 5bm -sk 5c6 -sk 5cn -si 5d5 -sk 5dj -sm 5du -ss 5e4 -t8 5ea -tn 5em -u3 5f4 -ug 5fl -v2 5g7 -vf 5gr -vr 5hh -103 5i3 -109 5in -10d 5jb -10h 5ju -10m 5ki -10o 5l4 -10m 5lm -10o 5m7 -10o 5mn -10n 5n7 -10l 5no -10j 5o4 -10f 5oi -10c 5p1 -10c 5ph -10c 5q1 -109 5qh -107 5r2 -105 5rk -104 5s4 -vv 5sm -101 5t7 -100 5tr -101 5uf -104 5v2 -109 5vk -10h 605 -10o 60n -110 61a -115 61s -119 62f -11d 631 -11f 63k -11h 647 -11g 64n -11c 656 -118 65l -114 65v -10v 664 -10k 66e -103 66s -vo 67d -v5 67t -ud 68f -tm 693 -t1 69m -sg 6a6 -s7 6ao -rt 6bd -rn 6c1 -rf 6co -r7 6de -qv 6e3 -qq 6eq -qo 6ff -qo 6g2 -qp 6gl -qr 6h8 -qt 6hr -qt 6ie -qt 6j1 -qr 6ji -qn 6k3 -qh 6kg -q9##T -1cc -9o,G -1gv -8q 0,G -1cb -9q 5k,C jk -u,T 46k -s7,C 2nm -1f
  2. CHuguley

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    holly Molly
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  3. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    all the lines are invisible any way are you pink pastel?
  4. Skrampth

    Skrampth Well-Known Member Official Author

    thnx 4 the free track
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  5. what do you mean?
  6. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    never mind
  7. im a boy you know!
  8. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    I can tell why did you say that
  9. CannonMoser

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  10. CHuguley

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