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Image to Track Generator

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by zeke15, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I actually don't know c++. I know matlab, Java, and JS. Only reason I did this is we just discussed image processing in one of my labs and I realized it would be suppperrrr easy in matlab.
  2. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Well I guess its a good thing I probably wont be uploading much with it. Maybe a couple troll tracks from pics of other members XD
  3. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    They are all used in the real world. Plus Python is my city
  4. ShadowEagle

    ShadowEagle Active Member Official Author

  5. octo

    octo Well-Known Member

    raw x86 is really the best for this type of thing
  6. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Matlab was pretty simple because it imports images as an array of 8-bit unsigned integers by default. Convert to black and white and you just end up with a single row in the array. Enough that it is hella easy to determine color and draw a track based of that. I went for drawing lines across the image rather than pixels so it was a bit more complex, but doing pixels is hella easy.

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