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POLL Ideas poll ( multiple votes )

Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by Char, Jan 9, 2018.


What would you guys like to see implemented / changed?

  1. FPS toggle (25/30)

  2. Teleport Powerup

  3. Turret Powerup

  4. More Vehicles

  5. More drawing tools

  6. Fill Tool

  7. Copy and paste

  8. Different starting location

  9. Select move tool

  10. Multiple author titles (Standard, Official, Elite )

  11. Parallax / Foreground

  12. More colours

  13. More shades of grey

  14. Autosave track

  15. Multiple author credit

  16. Coins for likes / plays

  17. Larger Friends List

  18. Lifetime Achievements

  19. Favourites

  20. Track playlists that you can share

  21. Choose thumbnail

  22. Switch key power up (Turns off lines when hit to unlock areas)

  23. Zero gravity power up

  24. Delete Ghosts

  25. Glider ;)

  26. Improved search ( Accuracy and Player )

  27. Earn head gear for lifetime achievements

  28. Daily Bonus (coins for visiting days in a row)

  29. Coins for signing up to the forum

  30. Featured Ghosts

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. DizzyCircles

    DizzyCircles Well-Known Member Official Author

    no. I don't like the colors. I would prefer if that was on a separate website (frhd color char feel free to use that name :D)
  2. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    Why don't You want colors. It will open a huge new spectrum of Styles and creativity. I think it is a good idea. If not this then definitely lifetime Achievements. Char any more ideas for the lifetime achievements?
  3. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Well-Known Member

    Free-Rider is one of the only places where it forces you to create art with 3 types of lines. With that, so much creativity can unfold by using these lines in various ways. Adding colour would turn Free-Rider into a standard art game. The use of black, white and grey lines gives Free-Rider it's uniqueness
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  4. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    I've never really thought about it that way. you just swayed my opinion.
  5. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Well-Known Member

    There should be some rewards for making featured tracks. The usually take months of work and when it's finished, they only get their track in a separate tab. Some more rewarding rewards (;)) would be nice. E.G Coins, Pro for a month etc.
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  6. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

  7. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author

    MOST of these ideas are great. I just don't like the thumbnail idea (clickbait)
  8. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    yea... That is probably not the greatest idea on here.
  9. BattleBro

    BattleBro Well-Known Member Official Author

    I actually started making a track that was meant for the teleport feature. But I kind of quit and it needs work...
  10. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author


    Some 12 year old would make that one thumbnail 'PLAY THIS GET 100 SUBS AND 10000 COINS WORKING 2018 [NOT PATCHED]'
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  11. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    I agree with the fact that there are some ideas that will corrupt Free Rider, but the turret and an edit to the copy and paste tool won’t. It actually would just make it easier to save and share track codes, as for the turret, it may be unnecessary, but will give the game a more intense play and feel like less of a still game. In my opinion, ideas that should not be used on this list include the fill tool, colors outside of the grayscale, and the select move tool. Any player could just spam the select move tool and create a super long track that is identical and spam. Colors outside of the grayscale will destroy what make Free Rider so unique and original. Once we get colors like orange, red, green, etc. we will have so much spam tracks and crazy tracks that make you want to barf. Also a fill tool will just take away from all the hard work artists like WyattStonhouse and will let people abuse the powers. I honestly feel like there are some tools that we have right now that should only be allowed to have if you have a special rating, such as elite author. You really need to focus on updates that the community wants rather the the most cost efficient, because in the near months you most likely will lose all of your good authors and then everyone will follow. Leaving you with no more new tracks for IOS/Android. Not to mention deleting tracks is an easy way for FRHD to come back alive.

    Autosave Database: I think one overthought, but crucial thing to update is the copy and paste aspect of the game. It is the most frustrating part of track making and needs to have a closer look at in my opinion. I think the best way to go about this is by having a page on FRHD that has all your autosaves. Whenever you create a track it saves every so often, and then when you close out of FRHD you can open up your autosaves. You can also save a file and whenever you update that track you add it to the same file as an updated track. You can share these tracks with other players and you can also make it viewable to others without having them be able to edit it.

    Regardless, y’all need to actually make one of these updates happen, rather than tell us they are going to eventually happen. Even one update might be enough to bring free rider back.
  12. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    yep... I guarantee that would happen...
  13. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    Do you even know what a thumbnail is?
  14. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author

  15. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

  16. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    you could still clickbait with the thumbnails now
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  17. BattleBro

    BattleBro Well-Known Member Official Author

    I think thumbnails are a good idea when you look at the pros: Say you're no happy with the detail around the start area (the original thumbnail place) and you want to draw people in with a place you are very proud of. Sure, it can be clickbait sometimes but even then, you still have to put work into it unlike youtube thumbnails... Or the thumbnail can even be placed in a spot you think best captures the tracks meaning.
  18. Kev1n

    Kev1n Well-Known Member Official Author

    lines that bend under your weight
  19. BackStreet

    BackStreet Active Member Official Author

    if there is choose thumbnail, people will clickbait
  20. BattleBro

    BattleBro Well-Known Member Official Author

    Clickbaits take effort...

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