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Ground Detail Contest (6K POT)

Discussion in 'Community challenges and contests!' started by F-O-X, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hey detailers!

    I'm hosting a contest! You need to detail a track with grey lines. Only the ground is judged, but you can detail the background too. You shouldn't edit the track, but you can extend it. The deadline is 5 January 2018.


    1st place: 3500 coins
    2nd place: 1500 coins
    3rd place: 1000 coins
    losers: don't lose.
    If you wanna enter, say "I'm in". If you wanna judge, PM me.
    The Track (attached too) (open)
    -51 21 -4j 1r -44 1m -3u 1l,-3t 1l -3d 1j -2u 1j -2e 1k -1u 1q -1e 21 -v 28 -f 2f 2 2j k 2m 14 2n 1m 2o 25 2n 2l 2l 35 2h 3l 2c 46 27 4o 22 57 1t 5n 1p 67 1n 6n 1l 77 1l 7n 1m 8a 1n 8q 1p 9b 1s 9q 1t aa 1s aq 1o bb 1n bq 1o c9 1s cp 1q d8 1m dm 1f e4 18 ej 12 f3 u fj t g2 u gj 11 h3 14,h4 14 hl 16 i6 16 io 16 j8 17 jo 19 k9 1c kq 1h la 1l lm 1n m7 1p mo 1n n9 1i nr 1b ob 16 or v pd o pu k qi f r4 b rn 8 sa 6 su 3 ti 1 u6 1 uq 2 vb 3 vv 7 10f b 110 h 11f o 121 u 12k 14 135 19 13o 1b 14c 1b 14v 19 15g 14 160 v 16h p 176 k 17n g 188 e 18q d 19b g 19r k 1ab n 1ar n 1b9 h 1bl 7 1c3 -2 1ci -8 1d2 -b 1dk -d 1e5 -c 1eo -a 1f9 -9 1fq -8 1gd -a 1h0 -b 1hh -d,-5s 2h -6c 2m -6s 2q -7e 2s -7v 2u -8h 2v -94 2u -9n 2t -a7 2r -an 2m -b9 2g -bp 2b -cc 28 -ct 26 -dg 26 -e4 25 -ep 26 -fa 26 -fs 27 -ge 29 -h1 2a -hk 2b -i7 2d -ir 2f -jc 2h -jq 2n -k3 33 -ke 3f -ks 3o -ld 3u -lu 42 -mf 43 -n1 44 -nl 44 -o8 43 -or 41 -pd 3u -pu 3s -qf 3p -qv 3n -rh 3l -s5 3l -sp 3m -ta 3o -ts 3r -ue 3t -v0 40 -vi 43 -105 45 -10p 47 -11c 47 -11u 47 -12h 45 -135 42 -13l 3v -145 3p -14m 3j -156 3c -15l 37 -165 37 -16l 3a -16u 3d,-5q 2h -5e 29 -54 23,1hi -d 1i3 -i 1ij -o 1j3 -10 1ji -17 1k3 -1f 1kk -1o 1l7 -21 1lq -29 1me -2f 1n2 -2k 1ni -2l 1o4 -2l 1ok -2i 1p4 -2d 1pk -25 1q4 -1s 1qk -1l 1r6 -1f 1ro -1b 1sb -19 1st -1a 1te -1d 1tu -1k 1ud -1r 1us -23 1vb -2b 1vs -2j 20c -2q 20s -30 21c -34 21t -37 22d -38 22t -34 23d -2u 23t -2p 24e -2l 250 -2j 25g -2h 261 -2g 26h -2g 273 -2g 27l -2f 288 -2f 28r -2f 29c -2f 29t -2f 2ah -2i 2b5 -2o 2bl -2v 2c6 -38 2co -3h 2da -3r 2dt -44 2eh -4d 2f8 -4k 2fp -4p 2gg -4u 2h7 -51 2hr -52 2ie -51 2iu -4s 2jc -4j 2jr -49 2ka -3u 2kq -3k 2le -3c 2m0 -36 2mj -32 2n6 -32 2nq -34 2oe -39 2p2 -3e 2pk -3l 2q4 -3s 2qj -44 2r5 -4e 2ro -4o 2s8 -50 2sp -57 2td -5d 2u0 -5h 2uj -5k 2v5 -5k 2vm -5h 304 -59 30j -53 313 -50 31m -4v 32a -50 32r -53 33d -58 340 -5h 34g -5r 34v -65 35d -6e 35s -6p 36c -75 36q -7f 37c -7q 37s -82 38e -8b 390 -8l 39j -8u 3a7 -98 3as -9i 3bh -9s 3c6 -a3 3cp -a8 3dc -ab 3dt -ac 3eg -ab 3f1 -aa 3fj -a8 3g4 -a8 3gn -a8 3h9 -a8 3hq -a8 3ia -a8 3is -a7 3jd -a8 3k0 -a7 3kk -a5 3l6 -a2 3lo -9v 3ma -9q 3mu -9l 3nj -9f 3o9 -9a 3or -95,3k8 -e0 3kq -dv 3lc -dt 3lu -dq 3mi -dn 3n3 -dk 3nl -dg 3o7 -db 3ob -da,3k5 -e0 3jk -e4 3j5 -ee 3ip -ep 3ie -f8 3i5 -fn 3hu -g8 3hp -gq 3hp -hd 3hs -i0 3i2 -ii 3i9 -j4 3ih -jn 3iq -k9 3j5 -kp 3jg -l5 3js -lh 3k9 -lu 3kl -mb 3ku -mp 3l4 -na 3l5 -ns 3l6 -od 3l7 -ov 3l9 -pj 3lb -q8 3lf -qp 3lk -ra 3lr -rr 3m3 -sa 3me -sq 3mo -t8 3n4 -tl 3nj -tu 3o6 -u2 3op -u3 3pc -u4 3q0 -u7 3ql -uc 3r6 -uh 3rl -up 3s5 -v4 3sh -vg 3ss -vv 3t5 -10g 3td -112 3tn -11k 3u0 -124 3ua -12k 3um -135 3v3 -13n 3v7 -13s,3v8 -140 3vk -14g 3vt -151 40a -15l 40l -164 412 -16k 41i -174 426 -17k 42s -182 43j -18f 44c -18q 456 -194 463 -19d 46n -19k 47d -19r 483 -1a2 48p -1a9 49f -1ah 4a5 -1aq 4aq -1b4 4bf -1be 4c4 -1bo 4cn -1c2 4d9 -1cd 4e1 -1ct 4en -1dd 4fa -1dt 4fq -1ed 4g7 -1es 4gi -1fb 4gt -1ft 4h4 -1gf 4hb -1h1 4hh -1hj 4ho -1i7 4i1 -1it 4i9 -1je 4ik -1jv 4j0 -1ki 4j5 -1ko,3o9 -db 3or -d7 3pc -d2 3pu -cs 3qe -cm 3qv -cf 3r5 -cd,3on -97 3p8 -91 3pp -8r 3q9 -8l 3qg -8i,3qf -8i 3qv -8e 3ri -8b 3s5 -88 3so -86 3t3 -84,3r5 -ce 3rm -ca 3s5 -c8 3sm -c6 3t6 -c5 3t8 -c5,3t5 -83 3tk -83 3u4 -80 3uj -7q 3v0 -7i 3v9 -75 3v8 -6l 3v2 -66 3un -5q 3u8 -5k 3to -5l 3ta -5r 3st -64 3sf -6c 3s1 -6i 3ri -6o 3r1 -6t 3qg -6v 3q0 -71 3pq -72,3ta -c4 3tr -c4 3ud -c3 3ut -c1 3ve -bt 3vt -bm 40d -bf 40s -b6 41b -as 41n -ag 420 -a2 428 -9k 42g -96 42n -8n 42u -87 433 -7n 438 -77 43a -6m 43c -65 43c -5j 43a -51 437 -4f 431 -40 42o -3f 42e -30 422 -2j 41l -28 416 -1v 40l -1o 405 -1k 3vl -1h 3v4 -1e 3uk -1d 3u2 -1f 3th -1i 3t2 -1n 3si -1s 3s3 -21 3ri -25 3r1 -29 3qf -2c 3pu -2d,3pt -2d 3pe -29 3ov -22 3oj -1m 3oe -17 3og -o 3os -e 3pc -e 3ps -k 3qf -m 3r2 -m 3rj -m 3s6 -k 3sq -h 3ta -f 3tp -d 3ub -b 3uu -9 3vg -8 402 -9 40k -b 416 -g 41m -m 425 -t 42j -17 431 -1i 43e -1t 43p -26,3po -73 3p9 -71 3op -6u 3o8 -6p 3no -6k 3n7 -6e 3mm -67 3m6 -5v 3lp -5j 3lf -56 3l6 -4p 3kt -4b 3km -3s 3kg -3d 3kd -2t 3ka -2b,3k9 -2a 3k9 -1q 3k9 -1b 3kc -r 3kg -a 3km 7 3kr o 3l1 17 3la 1l 3ll 23 3m1 2f 3me 2q 3mu 32 3ne 38 3nt 3c 3od 3f 3ou 3f 3ph 3e 3q3 3c 3qo 3b 3ra 3c 3rt 3c 3sg 3d 3t3 3e 3tm 3g 3u5 3h,3u4 3h 3ul 3g 3v6 3e 3vo 3c 40a 3a 40r 37 41c 33 41u 2u 42f 2o 430 2j 43h 2c 440 25 44g 1r 44t 1h 459 16 45d 12,45f 10 45q k 469 b 46q 7 47a b 47o j 485 u 48d 1c 48b 1u 481 2a 47h 2d 471 2c 46e 2f 45t 2j 45c 2p 44q 2v 44a 36 43q 3c 43d 3h,43p -28 448 -2f 44o -2n 458 -30 45o -38 46b -3h 46s -3m 47g -3p 482 -3r 48k -3s 497 -3p 49l -3g 4a1 -36 4ad -2q 4ao -2d 4b2 -1t 4bb -1c 4bk -s 4br -a 4c1 9 4c7 t 4ca 1h 4c9 24 4c7 2n 4c2 38 4bs 3n 4bh 48 4b6 4n 4ao 53 4a8 5c 49p 5j 497 5o 48m 5r 483 5u 47h 60 46v 63 46d 67 45s 6b 45b 6g 44r 6m 44c 6u 43u 78 43i 7m 438 85 433 8m 432 96 437 9o 43m 9v 447 9t 44m 9n 455 9b 45i 8t 45v 8f 46d 83 470 7n 47g 7g 483 79 48n 72,43b 3h 42s 3q 42e 43 420 4d 41h 4p 414 55 40p 5k 40f 63 406 6h 3vt 71 3vk 7j 3ve 86 3v9 8r 3v5 9c 3v2 9t 3v1 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    Good luck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    (donations allowed ;))

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    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
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  2. TheManHimself11

    TheManHimself11 New Member

    ill see wot happens :p
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  3. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    F-O-X do you mind If I do the background too? And I really want to turn the whole thing into a cave...
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  4. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

    You can :)
  5. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    GREAT! I'm totally in...
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  6. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

  7. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

  8. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Active Member

    F-O-X No black lines allowed? The layout of the track won't be changed
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  9. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

    Nah you can. :thumbsup:
  10. Slayed

    Slayed Well-Known Member Official Author

  11. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

  12. Max007x

    Max007x Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    They dont enter though
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  13. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    ohhhhh... they might though
  14. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Active Member

    I'm in the middle of making the track. "I'm in" if you haven't noticed
  15. Legendary_Rider

    Legendary_Rider Well-Known Member Official Author

    "I'm in"
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  16. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Active Member

  17. Trainer_B

    Trainer_B Member

    Im in
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  18. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Active Member

    I guess my track was the only entry then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Fluffysmack

    Fluffysmack Well-Known Member Official Author

    Sorry. I have to drop out.
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  20. DizzyCircles

    DizzyCircles Active Member Official Author

    F-O-X i have better prizes than u ;)

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