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Goodbye (kinda)

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Pancakes345, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Pancakes345

    Pancakes345 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I don't really know where else to put this, or how else to say this, but I feel like I should say it nevertheless.

    I really think that my time left on this game is limited. I wanna go out and do great things, and I feel like spending the amount of time I do on this website (or on the internet at all) just does nothing but hinder my journey to a happier life. I want to go out and life the coolest life ever, and I really just don't see that happening while I spend my time on this game. I want to kill it at school. I want to get awesome grades. I want to have a great set of friends that I can spend all my time with. I want to go to university and become a music major. I want to join a jazz club. I want to go on excursions every week. I want to review music for a living. I want to produce music. I want to have a great job that lets me do what I want and also lets me remain happy with my life. I want to grab life by its head and squeeze every single bit of happiness, adventure, curiosity and satisfaction out of it that I possibly can.

    That being said, I won't forget this game. I'm so, so privileged to be a part of this community. You guys have each made me a part of who I am. This game is a key ingredient to who I have become as a person. Though I'm not leaving right this moment, I just wanted to get this out of the way so that if I ever just stopped coming here out of nowhere, you guys know why. I'm also more than happy to keep in contact if you guys would like, if any of you want to add me on twitter, snap etc. just shoot me a PM and I would be more than glad to keep in touch.

    I will also be making one huge final track, that will be the climax of my entire history with this game. I really hope it does this game justice.


  2. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    i wish i had this attitude lmao i was all like nah im not doing my homework imma rave and make spitting noises on skype with these frhders
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  3. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    Its so true, If we all spent the time we do gaming/on the internet studying something or learning we would be so smart. Good luck on your journey bro.
  4. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Doubt it

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