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Editor drawing vs real-life drawing

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by SlashDash, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. SlashDash

    SlashDash Member Official Author

    If any of you have seen my tracks, well, they are less than decent. My problem is that is is very hard for my to draw on a computer. Even a stylus barely helps. I like to think that I can draw at least somewhat decently, but I can't draw for my life in the FRHD editor.
    Anyway, here's something I drew in 15 minutes, just to see what I could do:


    If you have any tips for drawing on the editor, please share!
    *cough* Lots of practice, I know.... *cough*
  2. awesome_cats

    awesome_cats Member

    Use a tablet
  3. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    Lots of practice always helps!
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  4. Zycerak

    Zycerak Well-Known Member Official Author

    I draw way more on the computer with a mouse and I don’t even know if I can draw on paper
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  5. BackStreet

    BackStreet Active Member

    for me it is the opposite, I can make great sketches but i cant make a great sketch on my lapton, and i have a pen i can use on my laptop screen, it is no help, but with the new generator thing i can show you all one of my drawings by generating it!
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  6. BackStreet

    BackStreet Active Member

    the thing is, no one likes generated tracks :( even if i technically made it
  7. SlashDash

    SlashDash Member Official Author

    I know, in my opinion, generated tracks from original art are completely cool. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't.
    Off to get a tablet....jk
  8. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author

    Its very nice.

    I would also recommend trying out new art styles and that should make you more well-rounded, making your FRHD tracks better.
  9. SlashDash

    SlashDash Member Official Author

    Recently, I've been paying closer attention to the detail in more popular tracks on FRHD, and trying to copy it on paper. It's a fun exercise, even if it almost always looks odd.

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