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Update Dec 2017 - Development and Developer Update

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Char, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. DizzyCircles

    DizzyCircles Active Member Official Author

    true, but some are sooooooo expensive
  2. Boltfinder

    Boltfinder Well-Known Member

    I made a new account because I never backed up my old one. How does one change their username?
  3. Slayed

    Slayed Well-Known Member Official Author

    Just Pm Char on the account you want the name changed. Also tell him the name you want it changed to :)
  4. juliangdc0

    juliangdc0 Member Official Author

    Im saving up all of my coins!!
  5. Mason1234

    Mason1234 Member Official Author

    When are the hats coming out? Like this post if you want the 200 new hats/heads from mobile!
  6. CIorox

    CIorox Well-Known Member Official Author

    Dm me
  7. CIorox

    CIorox Well-Known Member Official Author

    the reason such an overwhelming minority wants this is because so few have had the chance to use these features and don't know how they affect the gameplay
  8. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    customizable bike pls
    Mason1234 likes this.
  9. Inversely

    Inversely Well-Known Member Official Author

    weem wth the fire suggestions


    I dunno today is new year
  11. 1MPER1AL_116

    1MPER1AL_116 Active Member Official Author

    Good idea! I second that.

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