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City Contest

Discussion in 'Community challenges and contests!' started by Ricky_Baker, Jul 14, 2017.


Should Ricky_Baker make more polls?

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  1. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

    Make the best track you can based on a city. The contest ends on the 11th of August. The Judge is me, Ricky_Baker. There needs to be at least 3 entries to count. It will be judged out of 10 by difficulty, detail and length
    Tell me about your entry in these comments
    The prizes are:
    • 1st=1000 coins and a featured track on your account name
    • 2nd=500 coins
    • 3rd=250 coins
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  2. Neutralized

    Neutralized Well-Known Member

    you can't feature one of our tracks
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
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  3. Neutralized

    Neutralized Well-Known Member

    You still don't have the ability to feature a track
  4. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

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  5. Neutralized

    Neutralized Well-Known Member

    Don't say you do. And you probably never will.
    And 1000 coins for first place is weak. Plus you lied about a featured track, so we can't trust you will actually give us the prizes. I'm not joning.
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  6. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

    How did I lie about a featured track
  7. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

    Plus, I don't want you in the contest
  8. Neutralized

    Neutralized Well-Known Member

    Plus, the prizes suck, contest sucks, and you suck. I never had any intention of joining.
  9. AntiSocial

    AntiSocial Well-Known Member Official Author

    This thread just made my day.
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  10. GamingHunter

    GamingHunter Active Member

    I have a city track already published in my profile. Can I participate with that one?
  11. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

    Yes you can
  12. Ricky_Baker

    Ricky_Baker Member

    can u give me the url
  13. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

  14. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    Ima join can it be trials

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