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Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Xcape, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Xcape

    Xcape Well-Known Member Official Author

    Has anyone ever thought that the "Pros" of frhd are cheating by slowing the game down?
    I come to this thought when i see players pressing "ENTER" ridiculously fast on trial levels.
    I was doing the same thing a year ago or so, but i stopped doing that and confessed that i was doing that.

    Leave your thoughts.
  2. AndrewVaughn

    AndrewVaughn Well-Known Member

    if it was cheating char couldve easily did something about it
    maybe it is idfc lmao
    failed attempt at copying the "spacebar technique" thread to get replies
  3. Xcape

    Xcape Well-Known Member Official Author

    What spacebar technique?
    nobody noticed when i was cheating, how would someone know if somebody was using cheats to slow down the game?
  4. AndrewVaughn

    AndrewVaughn Well-Known Member

    you can almost always tell when a ghost used spacebar
    pretty much every top ghost on a trial is a spacebar assisted ghost
  5. Volund

    Volund FRHD News Team Official Author

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  6. Imbetterthanyo

    Imbetterthanyo Well-Known Member

    Yea mate i totally agree with you

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