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Biggest idea update ft Phase

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Lowkeyy, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Well-Known Member Official Author

    Phases idea update
    I decided to share some of my ideas to the community:

    Live Races: FRHD mobile would be awesome if there was a section for live racing, which will make the players more addicted to the game and stay on the game more. It's one of the things FRHD lacks in general. Imagine all the money you all are wasting not adding something to make your players get unlimited rounds. This leads me to the next topic I am going to tell you about.

    Limited Rounds: You could add another FRHD app that costs money to enter, and add an occasional advertisement every so tracks and add another purchase for ad blocker. With the Free Rider HD Pro App, you can have it cost somewhere near 10-15 dollars and any purchase on the FRHD store above that price gets you Free Rider HD Pro App free or 50% off. All you have to do is enter you FRHD username and password and if it works you get if. for free or 50% off. Just imagine all the money you could be making made a second app with unlimited XP.

    Uploading Tracks Once a day: I know you could also do this for FRHD.com, so this is going to be a broad topic, but I think you should have a one a day publish of a track, where anyone from mobile could create a track on IOS or android that needs to be approved by a mod before being published to the entire world and if it is declined for inappropriate usage or spam it gets deleted, but if it gets denied because of lack of quality the track can be playable through the person's social media friends if linked with Facebook and I'm not sure, but if there are friends on mobile it can only be played through their friends. This would make players happy and believe their track is super popular even if they lack skill.

    FRHD App Tracks Published: I was also thinking that if your track gets published worldwide on the app, there can be a little ribbon next to the OA star with a number on it and that signifies that you have a certain amount of published tracks on the app and a certain amount of leaderboard times on the app. You could also do this for Featured tracks in the future. There could be a ribbon that says how many featured tracks the authors has, and featured Top 10's and when you click on it it takes you to a page that says every featured track top 10 and your rank.

    List of Your Top 5 Tracks: On your Profile page there should be a customizable list at the top of the page that you can change once a week and pro users get to change it whenever. This will influence players to get pro and increase your profit, while increasing player happiness which will make players want to stay and possibly pay more money.

    Undeletable Tracks: I know that deleting tracks has been a major idea throughout FRHD, and you probably don't understand how big of a deal this is. Players get judged 24/7 by other players cuz of their old bad tracks, and they improved, but people will never understand that until that person has to make an alternative account and then everyone can finally appreciate their tracks, and relieve stress from the players who used to have bad tracks and can finally help them really enjoy the game. It can also lower the amount of alts, so there is no excuse for players to alt like/dislike any tracks even though that has stopped now that Crossback is banned. I heard that only thing standing in your way from gold is a reversable way, so players don't lose their track forever. So I decided that the easiest way to make it reversable is to have a track trash can and undeletable tracks, that need mod permission to be deleted if you really improved and want to delete all those tracks. Once a track is deleted, there is a track trash can that has a link of https://www.freeriderhd.com/u/example_player/created/trash that requires you to be logged in to view. You can't permanently delete the tracks from your track, but you can bring them back, and if your track ever gets deleted or re-entered there will be an alert and it'll be very bold and stand out. That way authors can finally relax and really have fun with the game.

    Disabled Dislike Button For Featured Tracks: The only reason why featured tracks would get dislikes is because some guy is really mad, dislike spammer, trying to get his track to the top, or players think the track is too hard, but I don't think those should be valid reasons for disliking a track with proven quality.

    Reason for Disliking a Track: This idea is simple, players need a valid reason for disliking a track, and this will lower the probability of dislike spammers and bots. You might also want to add one of those bot tests to ensure you don't have any bot spams. :thumbsup:

    Less strict rules: I know I'm probably favoring this because I'm permanently banned, for small blunders, but I also think that certain breaks in the rules that aren't harmful should not be in a result of a ban, such as posting funny irrelevant, but non inappropriate content shouldn't be the descision for a lifetime ban, although I do think you should be stricter on bullying on the forums, and having the person being bullied decide if he wants the person to be banned or not. I also think that threads like the pssst thread shouldn't be taken down unless things get real inappropriate or people are getting mad. You basically shut down what was causing your forum to be more active then ever.

    Coins for Featured Track Leaderboard: I believe that this has been a thought of topic for a while, well at least coins for leaderboard Ghosts, so look no further, I have a plan to solve all of this. On featured tracks you get 1k for 1st 500 for second 250 for third 200 for top 5 and 100 for top 10. Honestly I think it should be worth a lot more, but that's your decision. All of the prices, coins, prizes, etc. I've put out are just examples.

    Mobile Equality: In case you don't know, there are several simple protocols that need to be done for mobile that will make ghosting on mobile equally as fair as on a computer, so people don't leave because they don't want to use a computer to play Free Rider and they know how hard it is to play on mobile vs a computer. That's why you need to have a way to go back checkpoints and a way to spacebar.

    Online Way To Save Tracks: The most frustrating part of Free Rider is losing tracks so often and not being able to send tracks easily that are really large. What you should do is make a save track button instead of Export, but leave import as an option, so people don't lose their work. Then, you get the option to add and delete players to the WIP and it automatically saves. You can also share the WIP by view only on the post your WIP thread or something similar to that. I would also like to include the idea of having it possible to work on the same WIP from different devices at the same time kinda like in google docs.

    Finally, WE NEED ANOTHER OFFICIAL CONTEST!!!: Another Official Contest is just what you need to attract the high quality well known authors that noobs wish to see again. It's kinda sad to see there be only one Official Contest and players like me who just joined feel sad everyday looking at a player with the award of another player who won even though you never had a shot. You should make it a yearly thing man. Imagine all the players you would attract and the money you'll make.

    FRHD News Feed: You know how you have Official threads, you should have news worthy threads, that Thread mods choose for a certain duration, which puts them on a special carousel on both forums and free rider. This will make more players aware of the forums and make the forums easier to access for players with lack of experience.

    Bring back the news team: That would just be a great opportunity to keep older players from leaving your game. There are a bunch of people willing. WHOA!!! THIS WISH CAME TRUE!!!

    Real pay for Featured Tracks: I know this sounds stupid and a total waste of money, but FRHD is very close to losing every good track maker and as soon as that happens Free Rider will be dead along with it’s app. Most people say money matters more now, but if Kano gives a trackmaker x amount of dollars for every featured track, then it will entice people to make more good tracks. Honestly I can see some flaws in this idea myself, but it’s what the majority wanted.

    More Mods from the Game: WheelieMaker, Ishu, Reborn, Elibloodthirst, pssst, and Maple are good ideas for a new mod. If you really want to get promoted or a raise. Here is one of a million good ideas. These people are highly respected and if you give mod to WM Ishu or pssst, then the really good authors will stay.

    Disable Dislike Button: ^^^Read above^^^

    Slower Bit Rate-Screw Spacebarring: Yeah, seriously spacebarring is kinda cheating the game and your app will never take off if the biker moves that fast. I’m just saying a slight bit rate change, so it isn’t as difficult.

    Different Checkpoints: The normal Checkpoint stays, but add a checkpoint that doesn’t add to your time as well.

    More Official Stuff: Another Official Contest, News Team, Update that we actually want

    More Shades of Gray: Sounds a little weird, but if there was a lighter and darker gray it would act as a color scheme. People really want colors, but it would be too distracting, so different gray shades would be nice

    Deleting Tracks: Read above

    Unbanning me?: Lol, ok this is a big stretch, ok, yeah, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I just feel like a year ban on a kid who just turned 14 is a little harsh. I promise to only give advice like this and stuff from now on in your forums that you work so hard on. Some people just don’t get it Charlie Bodman, but I seriously am just trying all I can to keep FRHD alive. I’ll stop now before this gets too personal lol.

    Free Rider is A Copy of YouTube!?!: Idk if you know this or not, but most of the kids at my school including me feel like Free Rider isn’t very original. It feels like YouTube, but with tracks. I know this isn’t what people have said, but people don’t want to go to a site that is practically copied. You should try to modify some things to make it look less like YouTube.

    Elite Authors or Tier System:

    Elite Author: Read Above. Lol when will this be real

    Tier System: Okay, It’s obvious that Maple Lolz and Stig are Tier 1,which means they are the best of the best. They can be Tier mods and add people to Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 and Tier 5 along with the people they chose to be Tier 1. There could also be some Tier 2 people who are Tier mods, who can make anyone Tier 2-5, but they can’t overrule people’s Tier’s without a Tier 1 or Admin approval. You can’t move down in Tiers unless you are caught copying or something like that.

    And plz don't forget my suggestions for FRHD here:

    Remember these are just ideas and you can modify them in to the coolest game ever. Seriously Kano could be dead if you lose every track maker on FRHD. It would also be cool if you were on FRHD forums as much as you are on FRHD. I hope this sends correctly because my ban screws up everything for me. :(

    My feedback on His ideas

    Uploading Tracks Once a day: You see my reason to this. no need to explain

    Undeletable Tracks: This is perfect. Although I think there should be like a hide button so you can hide it so like if you kept getting hate and you wanna disable the track for a couple of days than that would be great but if you wanna delete it, you should have a reason and a desc of why you wanna delete it and hire a mod for only deleting tracks and reading the desc's. This would also work great for reporting a track but instead of having a desc you can make a list of reasons why this track in violating policy. Like as shown below
    Reason of reporting:
    Online harassment
    Drug promotion
    Online bullying
    Hate speech

    Reason for Disliking a Track: Well if you have to give a reason, you couldn't do a list cause there are why too many options of disliking something and if you have to type it out, well.... lets be honest, who wants to type out why we dislike it. So if you have to dislike something, no one is gonna take there time to write a summary about it so in this care no one would really use the dislike button anymore so the dislike button is dead. The other thing is that who will wanna read like 20 dislike summery about there track that will probably make them upset and be offending? someone could say "I don't like this track now kill yourself" that will cause hate and drama and lead people to quitting.

    Less strict rules: I think Letting the other player that's getting bullied by the player should allow the punishment is a great idea. I just don't think a lifetime ban is exceptional. Only char can decide that for the case. I think the one that's getting bullied should give the option of him having a punishment from a week to a month or depends on he situation. Now I think char should give another limit on the case so like if someone is threatening a player than lets say char gives him the decision of the other player choosing the ban between 1-4 days but if its major like copying and copying tracks without there credit than the ban limit may go up. all depends on the case. Now if they both are as guilty than they both get banned and char gets to choose that ban. This ban should only allow you to play tracks only. (no commenting, No making tracks, no sending challenges, etc)

    Coins for Featured Track Leader board: Bad idea cause the first 10 players that completed it will instantly be on the leader board but I do think some of the good players that always try hard should get some coins. But as I think about it, They should make a thing in the game that counts how many times you spacebar so if its like 5 times on a 15 second track than they shouldn't get coins now if its like 8 times on a 10 minute track than they should be good. With the easy tracks you shouldn't get any coins. This would be a hard way to put all this together for char to actually do.

    Online Way To Save Tracks: I don't have much to say on this one but they should have it saved into your account so if you leave page without saving and you go back, the work is still where you left off. I do wanna say if you import a track it should have a pop up to ask you if you wanna save this and if you press yes it will save it to the website.

    Real pay for Featured Tracks: I don't know if this is related to what hes talking about but if you make it to featured you should be instantly given 10k-50k coins. easy as that. Lets say WyattStonhouse he should be rich as fuxk. Excuse my language. I can tell you right here.
    https://www.freeriderhd.com/t/244760-lets-explore This track should have gotten him all the hats just for making this track himself.

    More Mods from the Game: Ishu isn't the most respective but its okay. I do agree to this. that's my only feedback

    My idea's
    Replying to a comment:
    If someone commented a question, you can leave a reply under that comment.

    Deleting comments: If someone comments something bad or offending on your track, you should have the ability to delete it. (Rude, disturbing, perverted, ect)

    Tagging people in your track: If you made a collab with a person and you want to put him in the desc and cause of the sake a lot of people don't look up the other creator, I think you should make a link to the persons profile with the @ symbol so if they wanna check his profile, all they do is have to click on his name in the desc.

    Starring a track: This is a good idea and Ive been hoping this one for a long time. You should create a thing so you can make a playlist for yourself and name the playlist.
    This is great for saving a trail or something so you can ghost it later.
    (Wheelies) (Trails) (Smooth tracks) (Favorite Ninjasparkour tracks) (Favorite tracks)

    Adding all gear to FRHD: It would be nice to have all the mobile gear to be on the website too :(

    Website levels: Adding a level to the website based off of points and make a worldwide level leader board.

    Deleting ghost: I think for all the trick ghoster's out there that completes the track and wants to trick ghost it can delete there time and retry.

    Slow motion off: We have a slow motion power up. I think we need a power up that's like black with white or grey ticks that's takes away the slowmo. kinda like slow mo on, slow mo off kinda thing. This is really irritating for me.

    Straight line erasing: I only want to erase small parts of a straight like instead of the whole thing. Just like the curved lines.

    Re-edit tracks: I don't see this happening but it would be cool to go back and edit a track if it was messed up or something. idk. it just seemed useful.

    Thanks for reading

    If you people have any other ideas please post in comments and ill edit this and add you on here :)

    Char Eric Stig Max007x please take your time and read this an a very good consideration
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  2. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    alot of these reasons would consume way to much of the moderators time (they have a life to) and some of them just sound stupid like "one track a day" and "pay for a another mobile app" and "disabling dislikes"

    E: how did phase get banned again?
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  3. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Well-Known Member Official Author

    yeah. 2 of them i thought was dumb
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  4. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    you know what they need to do! change the data base so people cant just go to the cdn thing and steal track codes
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  5. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Well-Known Member Official Author

    no. thats useful. I dont copy anymore but it takes forever asking char for it
  6. Enacted

    Enacted Well-Known Member Official Author

    i agree with everything in the first post.
  7. Ninjasparkour

    Ninjasparkour Well-Known Member Official Author

    thanks for the mention, I dont have time to read it all though
  8. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    No company pays its players directly(not counting esports, which is something kano definitely isn't think about for frhd.)Maybe people could get payed though ads, but i seriously doubt it.
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  9. Cenrix

    Cenrix Well-Known Member Official Author

    All ideas are good and useful but I do not think they can all be
  10. Stig

    Stig Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    I support ideas that feed my ego.
    Maybe Maple should be tier 2 or 3 though since he wont be able to beat me in the official contest, and his tracks are average anyway
  11. LeviAustin

    LeviAustin Well-Known Member Official Author

    I always kinda wanted weekly statistics............
  12. LeviAustin

    LeviAustin Well-Known Member Official Author

    Also a way to tell if a track was copied because it is so easy to copy tracks.

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