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Automatically Generated Track (Distance Challenge)

Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by pssst, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Char

    Char Free Rider HD Developer Staff Member Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    This thread is concerning already lol. Spam city.
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  2. rhmster

    rhmster Well-Known Member Official Author

    Guys and Gals,

    I have decided to seek the wise opinion of Char. I don't want to be responsible for bringing this game into disrepute!! I will gladly educate those who wish to use my teachings for the greater good. But with great power, comes great responsibility :cool:
  3. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'd like to be educated. I want to get into coding again, and I won't abuse this "power".
  4. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    yes plz i would like to be educated as well i would not abuse the power
  5. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

  6. lis.maloku

    lis.maloku Member

    this is one code can someone fix it

    -18 1i 18 1i 1q 1h 2k 1h 33 1i 3i 1j 3v 1k 4b 1m 4m 1p 50 1s 59 20 5h 24 5o 29 5t 2e,84 3e 8g 3j 98 3s a3 44 av 4a bt 4f ct 4j dv 4m f2 4n fl 4n,9b 3u 8t 52,e3 4m e1 6c,94 3r 8l 4u 8j 4p 8g 4k 8e 4i,8o 55 8r 52 8t 50 90 4v 93 4v 96 4u 99 4v 9c 50,8k 55 8l 53 8l 4u,8q 56 8t 55 92 53 97 53 9c 54 9e 55,8k 55 8i 52 8f 4s 8c 4p 8a 4n,5t 2d 60 2j 66 2v 6e 39 6n 3i 71 3r 7c 42 7o 48 86 4e 8d 4g,9b 4v 9i 52 a0 59 af 5f av 5k bg 5o c2 5t cl 60 da 63 dk 64 dn 65 ds 67 e1 6b e4 6f e5 6i,e5 6k e2 6h dt 6d do 6b di 6a df 6b,eb 4m e8 6b,e6 6m e6 6k e7 6g e8 6d ea 6a ec 68 ef 66 ei 65 em 65 eo 65 ev 65 fe 66 fs 66 ga 65 go 64 h6 62 hk 60,e6 6o e8 6k eb 6f ed 6d ef 6c eh 6c ej 6d el 6e,ig 5q iu 5m jc 5i jq 5d,ie 5s ib 5v i9 63 i8 69 i8 6c,i9 6d i9 6b i8 67 i6 64 i4 61 i2 60 hv 5v hr 5u hn 5v hl 5v,i9 6b i7 69 i4 66 i2 65 i0 64 ht 64 hq 66 hn 67,ia 6d ib 6a ic 66 if 63 ij 61 il 60,ib 5v hn 4s,hg 4s i3 5v hj 4s i7 62 hj 4t,jr 5d k0 5b k4 59 kd 56 ko 54 l5 52 lj 52,fm 4f f5 4f e3 4e d2 4c c3 49 b5 44 a8 3t 9d 3m 8j 3d 86 38 84 3d,fm 4e fl 4n,kr 53 gr 4o gs 4h li 50,jt 50 jp 51 jk 54 ji 56 jf 58 je 5b jc 5e jb 5h,jg 5a jc 59 j4 57 iu 54 ip 50 in 4t,j1 55 it 57 ip 5a in 5c im 5e il 5g im 5j im 5l,18g -57 18g -4s 18f -46 18d -3h 18a -2s 185 -29 180 -1m 17p -14 17h -i 178 -2 16t e 16h t 164 1b 15m 1o 157 25 14n 2h 145 2s 13i 36 12u 3f 128 3o 11i 40 10q 47 101 4e v7 4j uc 4o tf 4s sh 4v ri 52 qi 53 pg 54 oe 54 na 53 m5 52 li 51,18h -56 18i -5b 18l -5l 18o -5q 18q -5t 18s -5v 18v -61 191 -63 194 -63 198 -63 19b -63 19g -61 19p -5t 19t -5q 1a4 -5g 1ak -4r 1b5 -47 1bn -3j 1c9 -2v 1ct -2c 1di -1p 1e7 -16 1eu -j 1fm -1 1ge h 1h8 13 1i2 1l 1iu 26 1jq 2n 1ko 38 1l7 3g,1a9 -ci 1at -bc 1bi -a7 1c8 -94 1cv -83 1dn -74 1ea -6d 1en -5v 1f5 -5h 1fi -53 1g0 -4m 1gf -49 1gt -3t 1hc -3h 1hr -35 1ib -2q 1iq -2f 1ja -25 1jr -1r 1kb -1i 1ks -19 1le -10 1lv -o 1mh -h 1mq -d,19k -dc 1a8 -c3 1at -as 1bj -9m 1ca -8j 1d2 -7i 1dr -6i 1ef -5s 1es -5e 1f9 -50 1fn -4j 1g5 -46 1gj -3q 1h1 -3e 1hg -33 1hv -2o 1ie -2d 1it -24 1jd -1q 1jt -1h 1kd -19 1kt -11 1le -q 1lu -j 1mf -c 1mo -9 1mq -f,1a2 -cg 1a8 -a3 1b4 -ah 1b6 -ac 1a8 -9u,1b4 -48 1b8 -43,19n -dq 1a9 -ci,19n -dr 19k -dc,19s -cr 1a2 -9v,1l9 3h 1lm 3m 1mf 3u 1n9 46 1o2 4d 1os 4j 1pm 4p 1qg 4u 1ra 52 1s4 56 1sv 58 1tp 5b,2v9 -89 304 -8i 30v -8p 31q -8u 32l -92 33g -94 33u -94 35d -94 388 -93 3av -92 3di -8v 3g1 -8r 3ic -8m 3kj -8g 3mn -89 3om -81 3qh -7o 3s9 -7e 3ts -73 3v0 -6p 3vn -6j 40d -6c 412 -65 41l -5u 428 -5n 42q -5f 43b -57 43j -53,41d -65 41p -dk,3v3 -eh 40b -ic,3vl -ga 3sp -jq 3v5 -ot,3u9 -n5 3t9 -ua 40j -13g,3v9 -11g 3tn -17b,3tt -17j 40j -1c1,41n -c0 3v3 -eh,3r4 -e2 3tk -e2 3r4 -c6 3tk -c6,2pb -4s 2q6 -5h 2r1 -64 2rs -6l 2so -75 2tj -7i 2ue -7v 2v9 -89,2d7 2n 2ee 29 2fl 1p 2gq 18 2ht n 2iv 4 2jv -f 2ku -13 2lr -1o 2m9 -23,2mp -2k 2nk -3e 2of -46 2pb -4s,2mb -27 2mp -2k,1tp 59 1u4 58 1up 55 1vd 51 200 4s 20h 4m 211 4e 21g 46 21u 3s 22a 3h 22l 34 22v 2n 237 28 23e 1p 23k 18,24r 0 24o 1 24k 4 24g 7 24c b 24a f 248 j 247 o 247 t 247 10,24b a 249 9 245 a 241 b 23t f 23q k 23n q 23k 13 23i 1c 23h 1i,24t -1 254 6 25i j 260 v 26f 1a 26t 1k 27c 1s 27r 24 28a 2b 28p 2h 299 2l 29p 2p 2a8 2s 2ao 2t 2b9 2u 2bp 2u 2ca 2s 2ci 2r 2dd 2l,1jg -h 1l8 -t,1j4 -q 1it -22,1j8 -1u 1jc -s 1ki -17#1a9 -9v 1ai -4v,1a2 -9v 1a9 -5b,3t7 -c1 3t7 -c8,3re -e2 3tk -e2 3tu -e2 3re -c6 3tu -c6,1hv 1h 1jf -j,1j5 -q 1hj 1a#B 18i -4o -it,B 18l -5g -if,B 19o -5s -gf,B 18f -3u -jn,B 16v -44 -jm,B 176 -5b -ja,B 17p -6h -in,B 19c -7c -gj,B 1ar -6s -fd,B 1bc -5t -ek,B 41e -6k -dl,B 41j -77 -dn,B 41i -7u -dp,B 41h -8m -e3,B 41j -9h -e0,B 41j -a7 -e1,B 30d -8m -h7,B 33d -94 -gs,B 36f -96 -gr,B 3a1 -96 -gp,B 3d5 -8u -gs,T 1a5 -d1,G 1d1 -85 -fd,G 1dt -6v -fk,B 2q1 -5c -ig,B 2s7 -6o -ib,B 2ud -7q -i2,B 24u 2 3k
  7. TeeMee

    TeeMee Member

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2015
  8. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    I just finished making my own as well, however it is made in Java-Processing, rather than scratch.
    It features zooming and panning so far. :D I'm going to try and make my own track editor.
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  9. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    SOHCAHTOA!!!!! ;)

    We were talking about maths earlier in this thread lol
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  10. Dakoziol-2nd

    Dakoziol-2nd Well-Known Member Official Author

    Once I get my hands onmore coding knowledge and a pc I'm so gonna dig into this stuff!
  11. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    what is the code that the editor converts the lines into.
  12. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    base32 number system. 4 numbers separated by spaces, and each group of 4 separated by a comma (x1,y1,x2,y2). Physical, scenery, and powerups are separated by pound symbols (hashtag), in that order. Powerups contain a letter to represent the correct powerup, followed by and x position, y position, and an angle if needed.

    This was all off the top of my head, and I haven't worked with FRHD codes in at least half a year so I am probably incorrect about something.
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  13. Orbit

    Orbit Well-Known Member

    Can I ask for the #C version please?
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  14. badmuchachob

    badmuchachob Member Official Author

    Just booting up this thread again ;)

    Where is a bitmap converter? Like, I know it exists, but where can i get it? :O

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