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Argument thread

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by cctvcctvcctv, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. CaptainJack13

    CaptainJack13 Well-Known Member Official Author

    This is gonna trigger a lot of 11 year olds, but here’s my argument:

    PUBG is superior to Fortnite.
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  2. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Well-Known Member

    $30 vs $0. It's a tough one...
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  3. CaptainJack13

    CaptainJack13 Well-Known Member Official Author

    The 30$ is worth it for decent graphics and vehicles
  4. Zycerak

    Zycerak Well-Known Member Official Author

    but minecraft hungergames is obviously can’t be beat. We can all agree on that
  5. octo

    octo Well-Known Member

    the perfect game was already invented and it's called quake live, and playing literally anything else is a waste of your time
  6. AndrewVaughn

    AndrewVaughn Well-Known Member

    Doom > Quake
    Not sure if you remember this discussion
    And I have no care for fortnite I'd rather play block dude on a ti 87 graphing calculator
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  7. octo

    octo Well-Known Member

    for singleplayer sure but i literally do not understand how someone could think multiplayer doom is better than multiplayer quake
  8. AndrewVaughn

    AndrewVaughn Well-Known Member

    i can agree on that
  9. SquidPlaysvroom

    SquidPlaysvroom Active Member

    Im fifty fifty, but lol.. i do cut very regularly by knives but theres a 1-1000 chance of getting shot BY ACCIDENT? Support my claim: 1. Guns have a line of fire so, the bullet will only go one direction (if ricochet).. Knives need close up interaction and can cut any material up to metal. 2. Knives don need ammunition(well... ballistic daggers and other things like that), even though guns can spread and shoot bigger ammunition magazines or drums (even ammo boxes) you can probably injure a lot more people with a gun if on purpose. 3. Knives are silent and guns arent, guns can still grab attention, even with a suppressor or silencer. (just because video games make guns quieter with silencers doesn't mean real life) 4. Guns are long rang (like most video games or real life) you can ¨take down¨ a person at long range. 5. Throwing knives take skill and patience.. so don't think that you can get someone in the head with a knife first try lol

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  10. CaptainJack13

    CaptainJack13 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I know I’m 9 pages late here, but I saw this and just had to say something. I don’t know where in Texas you live, but I’m in Austin and I can say for a fact less than 30% of the population is Mexican, and immigrants even less so. And yeah, on little lucky charms cereal boxes and things like that, underneath the English nutrition facts they have it written in Spanish. So what? BTW, when did you last eat Mexican food? Or visit the city of “San Antonio”? Texas has Mexican culture down to its roots. Texas was at one point a Mexican territory! There have been Mexican citizens living in Texas for decades, why does it matter now? And as far as immigration goes, let me ask you something. If your country was poor and starving, and the value of your currency was inflated as hell, and right up the road was a place that was wealthy, and in that place you got paid more for the same amount of work, would you go? I sure as hell would. The reason why there are immigrants in Texas (in my area anyway) is because in Mexico, if they worked as a construction worker, they would get paid, say, 100 pesos. But in the US, if they were a construction worker, they would get paid 100 US dollars. 1 US dollar is worth 18 pesos. They would make a lot more more money doing the same job. And do you know what the “illegal immigrants” do with all the high value US dollars they earn? They send them to their families back in Mexico who are poor and hungry. What are the Mexican immigrants doing wrong? Mass shootings? Bombings and general terrorism? No, they aren’t.

    For what it’s worth, I think we should be building bridges, not walls.
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  11. Stevie.T

    Stevie.T Well-Known Member Official Author

    Roblox is better than Donald Trumps presidency...
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  12. Pancakes345

    Pancakes345 Well-Known Member Official Author

    why doesnt macdonalds fuckin let me eat macburgers before 10 am? i hate this neo-capitalist, corrupt hierarchy that society has become
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  13. LCD438

    LCD438 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Because they are stupid
  14. Pancakes345

    Pancakes345 Well-Known Member Official Author

    actual topic worth discussing: how do you guys feel about the way suicidal people and mentally ill people are dealt with? what do you think about how they're portrayed in media? do you think suicide prevention hotlines are effective at all? what do you think would be a good way to deal with these people?
  15. Pancakes345

    Pancakes345 Well-Known Member Official Author

    what part of the text are you referencing here? what do you think is stupid?
  16. LCD438

    LCD438 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Them shooting up schools, what do kids have to do with there anger?
  17. SpicyChickenRamen

    SpicyChickenRamen New Member

    I Agree however 100x more bad? maybe that was over exaggerated but still agree
  18. Catalyst

    Catalyst Well-Known Member

    Pedophilia shouldn't be punished as hard as it currently is
  19. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    Excuse me?????????? In my opinion it should be punished more than it currently is. What makes you think these bastards should be let off easily??
  20. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    Please tell me this is a joke

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