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Anti-Grav Expo

Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by DeathBob1, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. DeathBob1

    DeathBob1 Well-Known Member Official Author

    If you find more tricks with Anti-Grav, post them below.
    Feel free to discuss and share ideas.
    also post track links that uses the anti-grav in a unique way.

    This will be free for everyone to use so don't start complaining that people copied your idea

    Some links:

  2. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

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  3. WyattStonhouse

    WyattStonhouse Well-Known Member Official Author

    Helicopter and anti-gravity is fun.
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  4. WyattStonhouse

    WyattStonhouse Well-Known Member Official Author

    Spiral + anti gravity

    Update, the new spiral is massive and the speed gets too fast for check points.

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  5. Max007x

    Max007x Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    Rip rider x 1000
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