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Discussion in 'Races' started by RiderExtreme2, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. pnguy

    pnguy Well-Known Member Official Author

    yall gonna start something
  2. MarbleRunDominoGuy

    MarbleRunDominoGuy Member Official Author

    i wish i could be on a team...
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  3. Empire

    Empire Well-Known Member Official Author

  4. Todredrob

    Todredrob Well-Known Member Official Author

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  5. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    i think this is my final good bye i thought i would play this game in my down time at school but they still havent fixed the lag in this game, cya, rip if u actually thought i was coming back lol
  6. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Well-Known Member Official Author

    If it's your final goodbye, we will miss you, man! Great rider and great player! Good luck out there and have fun!
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  7. Examples

    Examples Well-Known Member Official Author

    great ghoster and player. you will be miseed
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  8. MarbleRunDominoGuy

    MarbleRunDominoGuy Member Official Author

    Bye Unghosted. I will miss you and the fun of trying to beat your ghosts. You are an awesome rider!

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