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Change Updates Regarding Username/Email Changes (+ more)

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Totoca12, May 13, 2022.

  1. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Ghost Moderator Member Of The Year 2021 Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Hello, guys. What's up? For the past couple of months we received many requests for username changes and email changes both in the game and on forums, but we said that we couldn't do it due to a small update the game had recently. So, to keep it short, there was a glitch where given the right circumstances (regarding a specific way to use the browser and also a series of commands) it was possible to have the profile page for users in the game to not load properly and show the email address from the user, without needing moderator/administrator priviledges to see them. That was a bit concerning, so although it seemed very unlikely that it was a well-known thing or that it had any consequences at all at that time, we decided to report it to Kano and they fixed the issue.

    However, by doing that they removed the ability from moderators to change emails and also usernames (not sure about the reason for that second part) in the game. Initially we have been told it might have been a temporary thing, but after 2 months we reached out to them again and we got the word from Kano that moderators won't have the ability to change emails and usernames in the game from now on (at least for now), which we get it, it's probably safer that way in the eyes of the company, since we don't actually work for them.

    We do know that this is kind of a huge deal in some aspects, especially the email changes. We received some requests from people locked in their accounts because they put their school emails that no longer exists and things like that, so it's a very unfortunate situation indeed. Kano did say that if we receive any requests related to changes and updates, we should redirect those to this email address:


    I have been in contact with them for the past year (every once in a while), so I hope they can keep up with the players messaging them from there. We can't make any guarantees, since it's definitely not up to us at all.

    As far as I know the other moderating issues such as reports, OA requests, warnings, bans, medals, features, daily tracks and everything else is staying the same as it was, with us mods helping with that, but any issues regarding those username changes and email changes, as well as any plans for future updates, please go check directly with the Support Team at FRHD.

    Any other questions, let us know. Please don't spam this thread, though, or we'll have to lock it.

    PS: We can still make username changes on forums, but we won't do it to not create inconsistencies.
    PS2: Depending on the case, we could do email changes on forums, though. If the access problem only happens on forums.
  2. Auto_Man_XD

    Auto_Man_XD Well-Known Member Official Author

    Finally, a good thing to happen regarding this subject
  3. Innominate

    Innominate Active Member

    This is good news, I think. To clarify if we email them they can fix it?

    does this imply future updates or is it a one off?
  4. Fluoride

    Fluoride Well-Known Member Official Author

    can I test it out?
  5. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Ghost Moderator Member Of The Year 2021 Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    They can do it for sure, I just don't know of how active they'll be. Let's hope for the best. I guess it's the same about other updates. Not sure, they probably can if they really want, but I'm not sure of how active they'll be on doing that.
    Yeah, I guess so. What I got from their email is that I should redirect this kind of questions and questions regarding updates to their support email, so I guess it doesn't hurt to try. If you manage to succeed and want to post about it here, feel free to do it, so we know it's working.
  6. Innominate

    Innominate Active Member

    Thanks. I reached out to Kano once and they said that they would put me in touch with some of freerider devs and then I heard back once where they said something that sounded suspiciously like an auto generated messenger lol. Well… let’s hope for the best and expect the worst. I’d love to use this email to ask but I fear if I do that they will simply stop responding altogether.
  7. Auto_Man_XD

    Auto_Man_XD Well-Known Member Official Author

  8. Blank_Guy

    Blank_Guy Well-Known Member Official Author

    I emailed them about 55 minutes ago. Hopefully, they respond!
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  9. Thanos_Car

    Thanos_Car Member

    It's good to see the devs still acknowledge that this game exists
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    what is your signature, oml
  11. EarthShine

    EarthShine Member

    he may be right with the female list, but the hottest sonic character overall is obviously Eggman
  12. Fluoride

    Fluoride Well-Known Member Official Author

    [highly humorous copypasta]
  13. Totoca12

    Totoca12 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Ghost Moderator Member Of The Year 2021 Official Author

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    Also, if I may add, don't ask for username changes if it isn't for a good reason. It's similar with the email changes, although those usually have good reasons.
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  14. dantexpress

    dantexpress Choo Choo Elite Author Official Author

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    wait so youre saying i cant change my username to 'RIPrapperjack'? just when i thought this game couldnt get any worse...
  15. SuperflyWA

    SuperflyWA Active Member Official Author

    first you hate your username. Then you start to like it. Then you get tired of it. Then you change it. Then you regret it. Then you quit playing frhd.
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  16. brappeing

    brappeing Member

  17. extremonomia

    extremonomia Casual Member

    finally i can change my email or username right now, but my email is correct
  18. Calculus

    Calculus Guide Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    To add on to this, so long as the user can remember their password, they may change their forums email here (without a moderator):
  19. JustAGDFan

    JustAGDFan Active Member Official Author

    Me when i saw this
    download (1).jpg
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  20. Innominate

    Innominate Active Member

    I might just be dumb but is there anyway to disable email notifications on community alerts?
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