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Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. PoyZin

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    but looking back at it now i like them
  2. PoyZin

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  3. CityShep

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    why is there any gradients, y'all know that flat colors are what's in right now right
  4. PoyZin

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    nah i hated it at first but now i love it
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    Just a curious question, but will the search utility be improved with this update? Because I think it would do a lot of good to be able to search not only tracks, but authors as well. The current one is just too ineffective. As for the style itself, I definitely think there needs to be an option to choose your color scheme. I wouldn't mind seeing a changeup in the layout as well.
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  8. Legendary_Rider

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    This is awesome when is this UPDATE coming?
  9. legend102

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    could you also add another list to the front page, be able to see who your subscribers are and more campaign tracks!
  10. Phase

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    I already pmed you this in a conversation, but in case you don't check your conversation notifications I posted it here too.

    You really need to add another level of authors, advertise on other applications and websites, and add a new level of campaigns. As I've been looking at what most players want and their needs I've realized that the community really needs another level of author and new campaigns. I also have realized that it would be a lot harder for players to cheat the track economy by alting if y'all attracted new players. Updating Free Rider is only affective if it helps the overall community's needs. The latest like tab update was pointless to a player and won't help Kano Apps increase profits. If you bother to continue to read you will understand why you administrators should add an elite author, advertise on other platforms, and add new campaigns.

    Players and even Eric have suggested an idea called an elite author which will finally make everyone more happy with a more elite standard and could cause players to work harder on their tracks. This will improve the overall quality of tracks and reduce the amount of players leaving. The idea proposed by Eric is right here. You could also have multiple author levels as well as a hot list and trending list with only a certain level of your choice. There could be a drop down menu that filters out unofficial authors, official authors, elite authors, or VIP authors. This could really clean up Free Rider's way to search for quality tracks and increase player activity. Adding another level of authorship will really help Free Rider HD.

    In addition to adding another level of authorship, Kano Apps should advertise on other platforms other than Free Rider itself. I understand that it costs money to advertise on websites and apps, but once you advertise on other platforms you will attract a lot more players and they might click on one of your ads and then you increase profits. You also can advertise on websites related to drawing which has a strong correlation to track quality. Advertising can also help reduce corruption of the game due to alting and like phising. Advertising on other websites and applications can rapidly increase profits and player activity.

    Furthermore, Kano Apps needs to add another installment of campaigns. Most active members have already completed all of the campaigns and have probably have started to forget that they even exist, or their purpose on Free Rider HD. If you add new campaigns to Free Rider, just imagine the commotion and it will probably be more exciting than if lolz666 uploaded 10 featured worthy tracks in one day and said he would return. Most of my inexperienced friends at my school only play the campaigns, and left as soon as they completed them all. That is why you see a lot of players leave after about a month. If y'all add new campaigns, then you will attract old players and save some players from leaving.

    If you listen to what people are saying in the idea category, then you can understand what is corrupting the game and reducing Kano App's profits with this game. Only if you update to the needs of players, can you have a chance to save Free Rider from becoming extinct, because I don't see Free Rider existed in a year without one of these three update ideas. You really need to add another level of authors, advertise on other applications and websites, and add a new level of campaigns to save Free Rider from its near doom.

    I hope you take this into consideration for one of your next updates. If you have any questions relating the topic just ask me.
  11. AIice

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    That was really long
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  12. Ciridae2.0

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    Bow down char, this guy is better than u
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    But I think those blue visuals are great stuff. They look nice and blue if the best. Love blue.
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  14. AIice

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  15. AIice

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    Alice has a blue dress, I like blue
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  16. Ciridae2.0

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    Yeah blues great. Best color
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  17. AIice

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    Alice headgear coming soon
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    Wow I really don't like this. The color, gradients, and font make it look like the menu of a nintendo game and nothing like a website (nintendo rocks, don't get me wrong). I guess you guys are trying to make it more of a game and less of a boring website, but I think this style looks really dated.

    Also the education button is still there...
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    plz make it so you can change the color
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  20. Volund

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    very smooth mate hahahah
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