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Discussion in 'Races' started by mR..A, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    Everything u say makes sense to me but what did u mean when u said, there've been only a few people who could make a fully legit featured ghost ever on this db, and that's people like mr..a, noob/f1n, bt, and sidewalk.[/QUOTE] because all of them spacebar ?? just wanna know im not being a d bag or anything
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  2. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    Oh please, life is never fair. You just take advantage of every chance you can get. If you can make your computer lag, some people might say that you had an unfair advantage, but people who have special gaming keyboards, gaming computers, slower computers, and use spacebarring aren’t cheating? For being a mobile ghoster, I see that all of y’all have a huge advantage that you don’t even realize, having a regular computer is more of an advantage than you realize. Since there is nothing telling you that Lag Generators, spacebarring and special keyboards are illegal, everyone might as well use them. It would make everything fair for everyone using computers. Char and Eric haven’t stated or made any effort to make FRHD more fair. This makes all of these advantages legal by definition. Furthermore, every computer whether you believe it or not performs at different frame rates. What are we gonna do next, ban certain computer? Y’all shouldn’t care whether Unghosted uses a lag generator, because it isn’t illegal and you have no proof that other great ghosters didn’t use lagging to their advantage. In fact, if we care so much about making things fair for all, we might as well get rid of spacebarring, because not everyone can spacebar and make sure everyone doesn’t use a lagging computer. Haha, but then you’ll realize that you just made everything harder. Slower frames might give you a little advantage, but spacebarring is also an unfair advantage that we all consider normal. I don’t think we should bother, because when you look at the other side of the story, you realize that everyone has an unfair advantage. It’s just called using your available resources.
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  3. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

  4. darksmoke11

    darksmoke11 Well-Known Member Official Author

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  5. AngryGroudon

    AngryGroudon Well-Known Member Official Author

  6. Stevie.T

    Stevie.T Well-Known Member Official Author

  7. LCD438

    LCD438 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Can you guys quit arguing about it, Unghosted has many better ghosts than you guys
  8. Volund

    Volund FRHD News Team Official Author

    bcos he is a cheater :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown::mad::mad::cry::cry::cry:
  9. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    just because one ghost was made on a bad connection doesnt mean all my other ghosts are cheated, you guys need to get over this
  10. TeamPhantom

    TeamPhantom Well-Known Member Official Author

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  11. spruce

    spruce Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hey guys just drop it. I actually believe him, as much as I hate that he took away one of my feats I still think he has the skill to pull it off. He has been playing for quite some time now so he should be that good.
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  12. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    thank you, also another thing I would like to point out is that every comment saying im a cheater has 0 likes but whenever someone defends me their are likes... I dont know how to prove this to u guys but I would love to show everyone that I do not cheat.
  13. darksmoke11

    darksmoke11 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Are you staying the more likes someone gets the more right they are?
  14. Reborn

    Reborn Well-Known Member Official Author

    Translation: I have stopped cheating with my cheating program now because people keep calling me out for being a cheating cheater.
    Cheating sympathisers smh.
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  15. Inversely

    Inversely Well-Known Member Official Author

    dont think anyone outright thinks your cheating, youve been playing for a while and most of your ghosts look completely legit. except reborn. however, that ghost you made on that hard a$$ trial map looks hella suss cuz you z like 3 times in one tick. still though i think youre legit, you probably were just on a lagged ghost, you COULD have been cheating, but im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt cuz youre pretty well known.
    it was only one map, just get over it. if he was cheating, which i doubt he was, then he now would not be becasue that would immediately incriminate him. give him a chance yo, hes just a good player.
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  16. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    yall losers for ghosting lmao
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  17. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    Reborn dude I really would love to prove and show you I am a legit player. I have already admitted that my ghost on hard a$$ trial was lagged because it was but im not going to admit to any other of my ghosts because the rest are legit. I do not have a program I am actually very untrained and unpracticed with programs and other complicated computer things. Just thought that I might need to reiterate this because you still seem confused but I CAN NOT play at my school anymore because they blocked free rider and conveniently the laggy ghost was made on the schools terrible wifi. So unless I get some program to lag the game for me their is no way that I can make a laggy ghost again. If I was a cheater wouldn't every ghost have fast z's like jhaydes ghosts ?? P.S. In the dumbest circumstance that your translation of my words is correct that means that all my ghosts after hard a$$ trial are not cheated soo... that means that art ce was totally legit.
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  18. Unghosted

    Unghosted Well-Known Member

    If you guys watch my ghost on hard trial and space bar while you watch it you will see that I z twice in one space bar which is impossible/cheating. But if you do this method to any of my other ghosts that you might believe I cheated to create, you will not find that i z twice in one space bar anywhere because the ghost is legit.
  19. DrawBack

    DrawBack Member Official Author

    I've done it before, its not cheating, if you space-bar, you can do that. you have to click 'Z' before and after you hit space-bar to make it quick.
  20. MarbleRunDominoGuy

    MarbleRunDominoGuy Well-Known Member Official Author

    hey if he has a cheat program why can people beat him? otherwise there is no point cheating if u dont get max time on every track u play... then there still is no point cuz u will get banned lol

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