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Discussion in 'Races' started by mR..A, Oct 31, 2016.

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    people still play this game
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  4. Totoca12

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    mR..A You're planning to update this?
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  5. mR..A

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    Totoca12 yeah just been tied down with work, i'll update this weekend
  6. Totoca12

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    No problem, man. Just for people to know, there was some quite good suggestions in the last weeks.
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  7. Phaez

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  8. Zycerak

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  9. mR..A

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    3 new features good endurance and looks difficult nice looking ghost and looks fast fast, nice cuts and hasn't been beaten

    Reborn i'll double check more of your suggestions and get back to you, some look beatable but there might be another 1 or 2 feats for you
    Zycerak i think a few people could get under 20 seconds on that one, nice ghost but try again see what you can do
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  10. Totoca12

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  11. Totoca12

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    So that's it guys... after a long time it's time to say: Totoca12 = Alzakhion!!

    Hey guys, in August or September 2015 I decided to create an alternative account (I already had one, but I sent the wrong email for the account so it didn't work), mostly for trick ghosts, but it got a little bigger than that. It was a fun ride, but I think that it's enough, haha. After 2 years of riding every once in a while, I made some cool ghosts and I'm pretty sure that I trolled many people. I'm not sure if I begun with this before or almost at the same time that mR..A's Leatherface thing, but it was started very closely and I didn't know that he was the guy. I didn't reached that much, but at least I did some good stuff, haha. I think that I'm better as Alzakhion. I beat Backtwice on Confused Ninja, got 3 features, so now you know that Alzakhion didn't come out of nowhere.

    Some nice moments:
    Empire not falling for this at first, haha.

    It's funny that it's on my own track that I "never completed" and also, there's nothing better that talk to yourself and get roasted, haha. It was on my first forum appearance and first feat.

    When you kinda succeed on making people know you Whisk

    Empire falling for this later... Hahaha

    Who could be? Dryft

    That one was smooth, haha! And it was crazy, because I was the second one ever to complete this track and I was very proud of my 2 minutes ghost, that once was suggested as a featured ghost. And that day, I really tried less than an hour and got a 14 seconds ghost. Sorry Backtwice. And PoyZin, here's your answer. alz5.png
    Sorry darksmoke11 ! Haha.

    So that's it! I think that it was kinda fun (at least for me) but it's time to stop. Sorry for anything and I really hope that you guys had fall for it, because I can't imagine someone figuring this out. But if you think about this, it says Male, 19 from Brazil on Alzakhion's profile for some weeks, so it was a little hint and you also can see that 2 of 3 Alzakhion's feats are on my tracks, so I don't know, someone might was able to catch this little hints.

    Also mR..A: feat on The Confused Ninja, or it's too short?
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  12. Alzakhion

    Alzakhion Well-Known Member

    R.I.P. Alzakhion
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  13. NotVeryGood

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    Good job, you bamboozled everyone
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  14. bungo

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  17. Volund

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    I cant help but feel proud about people having featured ghosts on my tracks, lol
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  18. spruce

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    Yeah it means we liked your track enough to ghost it over and over and over again.
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  19. Whisk

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  20. mR..A

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    Whisk nice ghost, good endurance and some nice brake flips and manuals. keep it up you've got potential

    some advice - less time on 2 wheels, improve how the ghost flows inbetween tricks ( Z switches can ruin flowy ghosts, use them wisely ) you can change speeds in the middle of a run if it's done smoothly ( fast manual into smooth transition endo down a ramp etc ) practising stalls and bunny hops will help your transitions, also try to pick better tracks to make a trick ghost on.. a good trick ghost on a nice skatepark or factory track is always a winner

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