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Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by Cynic, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    True that man. Thus the reason I enjoy it so much
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  2. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    I choose my class for my freshman high school year today. Hopefully if I'm lucky I get Algebra II Honors, Biology I Honors, English 1 Honors, AP Human Geography, and electives I choose are Engineering, Art I, and IBCA.
    I also got a ripstikkk
  3. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

  4. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    What kind of highschool do you go to? I'm a smertie and my highschool offered like 1 ap class and that was history.
  5. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

  6. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    One ap class the entire time there? I go to a public school, buts its really big and full of richer-than-me kids.
  7. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member


    Anybody noticed yet?
    Also, only in 5 months gee whiz
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  8. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    more than 5 months
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  9. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Oh boi
  10. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    lol, I meant fro 80000 to 90000 in 5 months
  11. MrMicktyMike

    MrMicktyMike Member

    I’m hoping they will let me be a peer tutor and be on the student council!:thumbsup:
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  12. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

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  13. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    only on 3k points here
  14. Zycerak

    Zycerak Well-Known Member Official Author

    yo this dude just challenged me to his track before he even uploaded it tf?
    Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.15.37.png
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  15. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    ill leave this here lmfao upload_2018-3-13_19-41-32.png
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  16. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    I haven’t even checked yet, I must have missed a lot
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  17. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

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    Canadian weather gives me cancer honestly, every time I plan a weekend trip it motherf*cking snows, like dumps too and it wasn't even in the forecast. This has been the coldest winter in recent history for us, one morning in January we were the third coldest place on earth in my little town. Give the global warming please like where is it
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  18. WyattStonhouse

    WyattStonhouse Well-Known Member Official Author

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    More like climate change which doesn't always mean it's getting warmer.
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  19. ShepGames

    ShepGames Active Member

    The weather where I live is bipolar.
  20. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

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    That's too bad. Roast Canada please we need it
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