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Update Development Update

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Char, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. pssst

    pssst Forum Legend Elite Author Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    That takes away a potential mystery/puzzle aspect
  2. Bronze.Bisson

    Bronze.Bisson Casual Member

    yeah it does.......just have the standard blue colour

    KORREKT Member Official Author

    I wouldnt recommend it, I would just remove everyone's OA and give it only to people who deserve it
  4. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    Char are you still gonna work on the frhd editor? please reply
  5. Smuckers

    Smuckers Member

    Yesss, I am glad to have found this chat. I like to see that you are working to add stuff to the game but at this point I wonder if it is to little too late. This game has lost a lot of great track authors and I dont know if they are coming back. Add different vehicles which will increase the number of things a person can do. Also PLEASE change the color back, that blue is awful. Also the fact that you have this demo and its been months and nothing has been added is annoying.
  6. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    Its been months cuz they have been working on the Android version
  7. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    nah. i think the color stays. they should add a slot machine and just add a lot of new hats like astronauts and stuff. defiantly not a new vehicle tho. I feel like thats too much and that if they do add a veh.... it should be disabled on every track that has been made cause maybe you could cheat times. like if they made a glider that you can make a glide track on for the glider. in that case you cant play mtb or bmx on a glider track which means no cheated time
  8. Smuckers

    Smuckers Member

    I know that, but they shouldent focus only on the app they need to add little things to keep people going. They so far have done NOTHING to the actual game. I am not asking for a full update I just want to see that they still care about the community.
  9. Smuckers

    Smuckers Member

    The person who makes the track determines what vehicle you use not the person trying to beat the track.
  10. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    Check this out. So previously tracks dont have glider. but if they did update it to a glider. that means only the updated tracks that are made for maybe autos or just normal tracks you cant get it

    Attached Files:

  11. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    read the desc

    Attached Files:

  12. Reborn

    Reborn Well-Known Member Official Author Rotten Flesh

    Awarded Medals
    The fact that you think that there is actually a possibility of a ******* glider being added to the game immediately invalidates everything you say. New vehicles are an awful idea, I'll grant you that. However, I doubt monetising this game even more or adding pissing hats will do much to help this site. We need a slower frame rate, cr checkpoints and the ability to privatise tracks.
    CIorox, Volund, F-O-X and 6 others like this.
  13. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    YESSS but have you even seen the mobile hats? they are hella awesome. what are frame rates tho?
  14. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

  15. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

  16. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    slowing the frame rate decreases the speed of which the rider goes
    BrandonBishop50 likes this.
  17. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    but then the leaderboards will change
  18. BrandonBishop50

    BrandonBishop50 FRHD News Team Official Author

    the frame rate is .033 fps

    To make times more accurate, you would want frame rate to go up
  19. Lowkeyy

    Lowkeyy Member Official Author

    Skrampt and F-O-X like this.
  20. RedOrBlue

    RedOrBlue Forum Legend Ghosting Legend Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Changing the fps would mean changing roughly 8 million ghosts (maybe), and that would need a large-scaled update. Changing for 30fps to 60fps means times are counted by 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.08, 0.10, 0.11, etc (cus I'm lazy to continue). And since it's 60fps, more calculations will be made by the game
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