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    after a recent encounter with an internet funnyman, ive been thinking about what makes satire comical and would like to hear opinions different than my own. i believe satire--or comedy in general--can go as far as it likes with people whos boundaries you know; otherwise it should stray from overstepping into being tasteless. i believe tasteless 'humor' can be described as an attempt to make something funny from anything that could offend a mass of people, not just the easily irked individuals, or is just plain ucked up. i tend to associate shock humor with tastelessness, but maybe thats because ive yet to see anything that made me even chuckle.

    from my talk with this internet funnyman and my observations of people outside my friend circle, its clear my view isnt shared by everyone, especially online. this thread is for sharing what yall think about satire, or comedy in general idc just dont do anything thatll get the thread locked lol.
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    Frankie Boyle is a funny comedian that uses shock humour, you should give him a try.
    E: I think the way to distinguish good shock humour from bad, is that good shock humour generally has a purpose.
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    Satire is the only funy humor. You'll find me reading stuff like the onion all the time, as you might see in my threads XD
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    If it's by octo it's satire, if not it's unfunny
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    srs response: in the past i completely hated "edgy for the sake of being edgy" humor and thought satire was the pinnacle of humor, but lately i have been kind of falling away from that stance. there's something about completely dumb, offensive nonsense with no meaning or critique behind it that gets me a lot more than "biting satire" or whatever does nowadays. it's much more about stupid fun, and less about making Good Points(TM) which is an insidious disease that is killing comedy all across the internet today. satire can still be great, and the onion and clickhole are still churning out some of the funniest stuff on the internet today, but there's definitely a place for flat-out offensive nonsense too. both can be godawful when done poorly (see snl nowadays re: satire and some /r/comedycemetary stuff or whatever for edgy humor) but when done well, funny is funny, regardless of whether there is any meaning or critique behind it or not.

    but then again i think acting like a huge dumbass online is really entertaining so my brain is probably broken anyway, feel free to disregard my response
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    Disregarding octo’s response
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    tough but fair
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