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Feb 6, 2017
Dec 27, 2016
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Feb 6, 2017
    1. Osiris
    2. Iambad
      Hey bro
      1. tigers_1234 likes this.
      2. Pfannkuchen
        hey I started a conversation with you
        Jan 10, 2017
    3. Amitabh
      Happy new year Brother (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥
      1. tigers_1234 and MaxwellLucier like this.
      2. MaxwellLucier
        You guys are brothers?
        Jan 10, 2017
      3. Amitabh
        Nope.But I call Bro. to mostly male ;)
        Jan 11, 2017
    4. IsaiahRed
      welcome to forums
      1. tigers_1234 likes this.
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    I'm Pfannkuchen - and that means I'm game for anything. Ready to play with me, buddy?

    I've been described as a comedian and autistic toaster, and with luck, you'll be able to see why.

    † Making tracks (collabs especially)
    † Giving + taking constructive criticism
    † Watching TV/movies
    † Playing video games (i.e. Free Rider HD)

    † Scammers and other sub-centric types

    † Track Creation [Black] (8/10)
    † Track Creation [Grey] (3/10)
    † Track Completion [Finish] (7/10)
    † Track Completion [Speed] (1/10)
    † Taking Criticism (9/10)
    † Giving Criticism (7/10)
    † Watching TV/movies (10/10)
    † Playing Video Games (7/10)

    My sig:

    28g1 b21 28gb b29 28gn b2f,15g cg 15g hg 17m hg 17m em 17m f0,17m hg 19s hg 19s em 198 ec 19s e2 19s cg 17m cg 15g cg,19s e2 19s es,17m em 172 ec 17m e2 17m cg 17m hg,19s cg 1cc cg 1cc do 1aq do 1aq fk 1cc fk 1cc hg 19s hg,1cc cg 1cc fu,1cc cg 1es cg 1es hg 1cc hg,164 d4 172 d4 172 e2 164 e2 164 d4,164 em 172 em 172 gs 164 gs 164 em,18a d4 18a e2 198 e2 198 d4 18a d4,18a em 18a gs 198 gs 198 em 18a em,19s gi 1aq gi 1aq gs 1bo gs,1bo g8 1bo gs,1bo g8 19s g8,1d0 gs 1d0 d4 1e8 d4 1e8 gs 1d0 gs,1d2 d4 1d2 gs,1d4 gs 1d4 d4,1d6 gs 1d6 d6,1ds ea 1dq em 1dm eo 1dm f0 1dm eg 1dm ec 1dm ek 1dm f4 1di eg 1di f8 1de e0 1de es 1de ee 1de em 1de ee 1da eg 1d4 eq 1d8 es 1da eg 1da es 1da f0 1da eq 1da ei 1da eu 1da f6 1da eo 1da ei 1da eq 1da fc 1da fg 1da g4 1da ge 1da fu 1da fg 1da fo 1de fq 1dg fm 1di fa 1dg fg 1dg fm 1dg g2 1dm fo 1dm f4 1dg f2 1dg f6 1dg fg 1dg fc 1dg f2 1dg fm 1de fg 1da ek 1da fq 1da f0 1da f4 1da em 1da ee 1da ek 1dc fm 1dc fe 1dc ec 1dg f2 1dm fi 1do fm 1do fi 1do es 1dq em 1dq es 1du es 1du eo 1du ek 1dq ek 1do f0 1du ek 1du eg 1do eg 1do ek 1do es 1do fg 1do fm 1dq f2 1dq fc 1dq fg 1dq f8 1dq em 1dq f0 1e0 fa 1e0 f4 1e0 fc 1e0 fg 1e0 eu 1e0 f6 1e0 fm 1e0 eu 1e0 fq 1e0 f2 1e0 e6 1du e2 1du e0,1d8 d4 1d8 gs,1da gs 1da d4,1dc gs 1dc d4,1de d4 1de gs,1e6 gs 1e6 d4,1e4 d4 1e4 gs,1e2 gs 1e2 d4,1du d4 1du gs,1e0 gs 1e0 d4,1ds d4 1ds gs,1dq gs 1dq d4,1do d4 1do gs,1dm gs 1dm d4,1dk d4 1dk gs,1di gs 1di d4,1dg d4 1dg gq,1d4 d6 1di d6,1e6 gs 1d4 gq,19s gg 1bo gg,19s ge 1bo ge,1bo ga 19s ga,19s gc 1bo gc,1bo gq 1aq gq,1aq go 1bo go,1bo gm 1aq gm,1aq gk 1bo gk,1bo gi 1aq gi,18c em 18c gs,18e em 18e gs,18g gs 18g em,18i em 18i gs,18k gs 18k em,18m em 18m gs,18o gs 18o em,18q eo 18q gs,18s gs 18s em,18u em 18u gs,190 gs 190 em,192 em 190 gs,192 gs 194 em,196 em 196 gs,194 gs 196 eo 18i eo,18c d4 18c e2,18e d4 18e e2,18g e2 18g d4,18i d4 18i e2,18k d4 18k e2,18m e2 18m d4,18o d4 18o e2,18q e2 18q d4,18s d4 18s e2,18u e2 18u d4,190 d4 190 e2,192 e2 192 d4,194 d4 194 e2,196 e2 196 d4,19q e4 19q ek,19o ek 19o e4,19m e6 19m ei,19k ei 19k e6,19i e8 19i eg,19g eg 19g e8,19e ea 19e ee,19c ee 19c ec,19m ea 19c ee,19a ec 19q e6,17k e4 17k ek,17i ek 17i e4,17g e6 17g ei,17e ei 17e e6,17c e8 17c eg 17c e8,17a ee 17a ea,17a eg 17a e8,178 ea 178 ee,176 ee 176 ea,174 ec 17a ec,166 d4 166 e2,168 e2 168 d4,16a d4 16a e2,16c e2 16c d4,16e d4 16e e2,16g e2 16g d4,16i d4 16i e2,16k e2 16k d4,16m d4 16m e2,16o e2 16o d4,16q d4 16q e2,16s e2 16s d4,16u d4 16u e2,170 e2 170 d4,166 em 166 gs,168 gs 168 em,16a em 16a gs,16c gs 16c em,16e em 16e gs,16i gs 16i em,16g em 16g gs,16k gs 16k em,16m em 16m gs,16o gs 16o em,16q em 16s gs,16q gs 16s em 16s gq,16q em 16q gs,16u gs 16u em,170 gs 170 em,1as do 1as fk,1au fk 1au do,1b0 do 1b0 fk,1b2 fk 1b2 do,1b4 do 1b4 fk,1b6 fk 1b6 do,1b8 do 1b8 fk,1ba fk 1ba dq,1ba do 1ba du,1bc do 1bc fk,1be fk 1be do,1bg do 1bg fk,1bi fk 1bk do,1bi do 1bi fi,1bk fk 1bk do,1bm do 1bm fk 1bq e2,1bo fk 1bo do 1bo fk 1bs ds,1bo fk 1bo dq,1ca fk 1ca do,1c8 do 1c8 fk,1c6 fk 1c6 do,1c4 do 1c4 fk,1c2 fk 1c2 do,1c0 do 1c0 fk,1bu fk 1bu do,1bs do 1bs fk,1bq fk 1bo do,1bq do 1bq fi,1bm do 1bq fk 1ba f8 1c6 fi,1c4 fg 1ba fg 1c0 fe,1c0 fc 1bg ee,1bm ec 1bs f2,1bk f0 1bu ea,1bq do 1bk eg 1bo do,18ih 6pq 18ib 6q5,-1i 1s 18 1s 106 9m 11o mq 1fg mg,gv -4p gb -4q fr -3v fs -2u gf -2n hf -3b hs -50 hf -5m h3 -5q gs -5v,ic -44 ik -38 jn -4p,nk -2p n4 -4o n4 -5m na -63 o2 -5u oh -53 nd -4r nj -4d p6 -2n qm -1m,fr -3 h2 -7 ha -a,hr -1p i6 -b id p id 10,lr -15 l2 -15 kr -g lq -1 mr 8 m7 p lk p le k,n1 -n n1 i n9 1m o3 1g ot c os -a oi -s od -10,pk -8 pk 1m pl 28 r0 n q4 c qg -1 qn -e pl -d,sn -o rh -3 rb i s0 s t2 u tg 14 rp 1i,0 -6g 3a -4q 40 -80 2g -8a 1s -88 1g -7g 1e -7c,1c -76 s -6a,2 -6i m -6i 10 -6i,4e -78 4i -54 5s -74 6c -8i 6e -8k,bs -4c bk -7s be -8s c2 -90 cg -7u c6 -7m cm -6u de -5u de -5q,4k -4c 3u -4c 3a -44 3e -3m 44 -3i 4e -3s 4e -28 4e -1s,5i -3i 56 -2a 64 -2u 60 -3c 5a -3g 54 -3e,6k -36 6g -2q 6q -2e 6e -3e 6a -3a,7k -34 76 -2o 80 -1o 7k -38 7g -34,68 -28 5q -1q 6i -q 5k -4 5g -4,74 -1c 8i -1a 8k -18,7q -16 7m -4 7k a,8g e 90 -1c a4 m 9o m,8g -e 9c -e 9k -e,ag 4 a8 -1g a2 -24 am -28 b4 -1k aa -1a bs u,d0 -2o ck -2k c6 -1o da -i dc g ca i c2 8,86 -7s 8s -5q,74 -7g 9a -82,a0 -6c a0 -6e,9o -6g 82 -5g,kc -56 lo -58 m4 -58,l4 -5c l2 -4m ks -3q kq -3g,ju -3e ki -3e la -3e ls -3e m4 -3e,12q 9 12q 13 12q 2f 130 2r 13i 2r 13g 2b 12o 27 12c 27,14o 1j 154 1p 15e 21 15i 25,15s 1l 15a 2p 152 39 150 3b,188 11 18s 11 19g 13,18s f 18s 19 18s 1n 18s 25 18s 29,1a2 1v 1ag 1p 1ao 27 1bc 27 1bk 25,1ag 1p 1b4 1f 1ak 19 1ag 1p,1c6 d 1ci 3d 1d2 2j 1ea 3j 1ea 3n,17g 3h 172 3j 16m 3r 17e 45 17s 41 17o 57 17e 5l 16u 5l 16u 5f,18a 59 18q 41 19c 3r 19q 41 19s 43,1ak 4n 1a4 4p 19q 55 19u 5r 1ak 51 1ba 6f 1bo 6l 1bs 6l,1c0 5b 1c0 8l,1c0 5j 1cc 5b 1cs 6b 1ca 6f 1bu 6f,1da 61 1ee 5l 1dm 65 1ei 6j 1f0 6j,1e6 5h 1em 57 1ei 4p 1e2 51 1dq 5h 1do 61 1ds 69,1g4 k0 1h2 fk 24o fk 2to io 340 io 3bg io 3gg io 438 io,1f6 l8 1g4 k0,1f6 l8 1fg mg,1h4 5e 1hc 5o 1hq 5h 1hk 53 1h0 5b 1gv 5i,1hm 5b 1hc 6s 1gu 6e 1h0 6b,1ic 4r 1im 4r,1id 5f 1ic 5s 1ic 60,1it 5f 1iu 5s 1j7 51 1jm 50,1k5 5c 1k1 5s 1jq 69 1k0 5f 1k9 55 1kj 5d 1kp 4t 1l9 5o,1ll 58 1m8 4j 1lg 5a 1mc 5u 1mj 5s,1ml 50 1mr 60 1mv 55 1nk 4j 1nt 5k,1ps 4c 1po 5m,1qg 50 1q2 53 1qc 5g 1qq 5p,1r5 5n 1s3 4p 1s3 5f 1sf 5d,1ru 4s 1rb 5m 1rj 56 1rs 4s 1rj 4j 1qu 54 1rh 5f 1rq 56 1rs 53,1st 47 1t8 47,1t1 4k 1t0 56 1t0 5d,1u5 3t 1tg 5p 1te 5q,1ul 4p 1u3 4p 1ug 5d 1up 5l,1v6 51 1vk 52 1va 5e 1vs 5i,1vi 53 1vu 4r 1vl 4h 1vd 52 1vd 55,25u 6e 25o 8l,266 8g 26n 88 273 86,26l 80 26g 83 26g 8a 27e 8g 27l 89 27c 80 26k 83 26j 85,29c 7q 27u 88 280 8m 28l 88 28f 81,29k 6r 29d 7o 290 8k,2a6 7p 29e 7u 29q 8b 29t 8d,2c4 6j 2bt 88 2c2 7m 2cg 78 2cn 7f 2cn 7o,2di 7e 2dg 7b,2dh 78 2d9 7d 2d4 7l 2d2 7v 2dj 7u 2dp 7i 2df 7b 2dc 7b,2do 7u 2dr 85 2dv 89,2ej 7k 2e0 7r 2dv 80 2e4 84 2er 7r 2ep 7n 2eh 7l 2ed 7l,2g3 7k 2fu 8o 2fu 88 2gb 7e 2gg 7c 2gt 8c 2h2 7o 2hc 8d 2hc 88,2hi 6m 2hj 6i 2hk 6g,2hn 7o 2hn 82,2i4 6u 2i6 8e 2ib 7m 2iq 83 2io 85,2j2 78 2jh 7m,2jr 72 2jr 77 2j7 98,26f 9r 272 ab 26a ae 268 ac,26v 9q 272 9q,27c 9v 27v 9v 290 9v,285 9l 284 al,293 a7 29s a5 2af 9r 2a3 9o 29g a6 29a ah 2a4 aq 2ak aq,2b4 ai 2bc bd 2bc aq 2bq a7 2c9 a8 2d6 a7,2c2 ac 2dl b4 2do b7 2dj b8 2d4 b8 2cv b8 2cs b6,2c7 ae 2cq ac 2e7 a8 2ef a8,2en ag 2h9 9k 2hs 9c 2j5 aq 2jd b0,2k7 bc 2jo 9j,2k6 bc 2hr am,2jb 1c 2ir 1a 2hp 1s 2it 3u 2jj 2g 2in m 2if o,2lb 20 2m5 40 2kd 2a 2k9 2a 2kl 2a,2l7 1u 2lj 1q 2lp 1o 2lr 1m,2kv 1s 2k3 2g 2jt 2i 2jp 2k 2k5 2c 2kp 1u 2lp 1k 2m3 1e,2m5 24 2mh 58 2ml 60,2md 3u 2n5 3o 2nb 3m 2np 2o,2nl 2m 2nl 5e,2oh 4e 2o1 4u 2pf 66 2pf 6c 2ov 6g 2o9 6g 2o5 6e 2o3 68 2o3 66,2r3 4o 2qf 5c 2q7 64 2qd 6k 2rp 68 2rh 4g 2q3 4m 2n9 7q,2ml 8c 2md 7i 2m7 72 2m7 6s 2m7 6o 2ml 78 2n7 88 2nb 8a 2nf 84 2nn 78 2nn 72 2np 76 2o5 8s 2o5 94,2qd 6i 2pv 6i 2ov 76 2op 7o 2ov 8o 2p9 8s 2pr 8s 2q3 8s 2q5 8m,2of 7s 2p7 7o 2pr 7o 2qv 8o,2r5 90 2r5 8g 2r9 5m 2r9 5g 2sj 8i 2sp 90 2sp 7c 2sp 6m 2sp 6k,2tn 5i 2tn 5m 2tn 76 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